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Business Magazin is the business magazine that, mwnageri a clear and accessible manner, presents the truly relevant events in the business environment in Romania and the world. It is important to have a vision and to get on when the train stopped. The guests entered the hall. The four special awards were given: Through this initiative, the Business Magazin team of professionals selects and promotes the young managers that lead today one of the most important businesses in Romania and who will best represent the business environment in the next ten years.

We must export the young talents of Romania because one day they will be grateful and bring to Romania the knowledge acquired in another country.

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ITM should look for me on planes or in airports. In a call center it is ideal to call a hundred times tineei to get the same response. The gala will start in a few minutes. It is with pride that we succeed year after year to find young managers in leadership positions, that we bet on, and of whom we are proud. I indebted Romania with million euro in the six months I was in the Government. The guests socialize and congratulate one another for the awards they won.


Business Magazin rewarded the Best Performing Young Managers in Romania in 2013

Perhaps our descendants will want to read about the people and brands that were shaped in Romania. Now everyone is chasing after everything to survive. Business Magazin rewards each year the managers up to the age of 40 that have achieved business performance and stood out in their field. We are glad to see the young people we believed in confirming, bring pluses to the companies in which they work and that the entrepreneurs proposed by us are ever more powerful.

Together with Softwin we managed to form an industry in Romania.

When I appeared in the catalog i was promoted to general manager. Six of the Business Magazin awards on categories were offered as follows: There were other times then.

I worked with the best people and learned this job from the best people. The Business Magazin magazine writes about the stories of people and brands in the Romanian business.


Stefan Ichim, Legal & Procurement Manager, in 100 Tineri Manageri de Top, Business Magazin 2018

In life there are also false leads, and people left from one bank to another looking at the salary, but not necessarily building careers. Every year we wonder if we find another relevant successful youths. Cristian Hostiuc, tol director of Business Magazin: For nine years the events that have an impact on the Romanian economy and business environment are accurately reflected in the Business Magazin analyses and the awards received in these years are a recognition of the value of the Business Magazin brand.

We see the history of Romania in the last eight years. Ioana Mihai, editor Business Magazin: I was the first employee in the call-center. Amalia Enache, the host of the event speaks about the recipe of the successful youth: Start of the discussion between the managers from previous generations.

Others were lost along the way, such as Turabo, who was swept away by the crisis.