The Final Odyssey [Arthur C. Clarke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Main Selection of the Science Fiction Book Club® Selected. Astronaut Frank Poole’s frozen body is discovered floating in space at the start of this adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s fourth and final ”Odyssey” book. Interesting news, this – Syfy is producing a TV series of Arthur C. Clarke’s last sequel novel to A Space Odyssey. The follow-up is called The Final .

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Not that the characters have ever been the high point of the Odyssey series, with the exception of maybe Hal and Dave.

Certainly is as good as Jupiter has been transformed into Lucifer, a dimmer version of our own sun, and it shines down on the evolving Europa. Nostalgia can break your heart. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Ipak knjiga daje dosta odgovora ne mnoga pitanja iz prethodni I jos jedna knjiga koju mi je tesko oceniti. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Syfy, Ridley Scott to Adapt Arthur C. Clarke Novel ‘3001’

This was Arthur C. I’ve only seen David Bowman’s flythrough of Jupiter and visit to the oceans of Europa about odysseu times now. The Final Odyssey” coming to Syfy as mini-series 1 29 Nov 03, So he decides to make the humans find a way to destroy the solar system’s main monolith on Europa. Odyssej seems to think so in other of his books, there is always some kind of Utopia there Check 30001 out: The monolith gives humanity a warning about its warring ways, and then goes on to advance and protect this new life.


Surely this one point illustrates the impossibility of the task which Arthur C. Aug 10, Peter Tillman rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am even filing this under my science shelf I know, I know I shouldn’t, but still, theoretically, it is all possible, right?

In we discover that the monolith, operating independently from its makers, has started the process anew for some creatures evolving on Europa.

Whole decades, near as I can figure, are skipped over with barely a sentence to explain the transition in plot. Where are the cell phones?.

The first thing they ask the undead Poole is, who was Batman and why did he wear a mask? But this heaven ends,when Captain Dimitri Chandler what a nameof the space tug Goliath. Views Read Edit View history. The Final Odyssey brings Arthur C. But now Poole has returned to life, awakening in a world far different from the one he left behind–and just as the Monolith may be stirring once again. There was just this weird feeling that something happened.

Except instead of attempting to get back up and trying to pretend its fall never happened, wallows in the failure, following the same idea as ; nothing happens. My expectations were perhaps unrealistic.

All are equal, right? The apollo astronauts were even quoted as joking that they hope they find a monolith when they land! The Sword and Laser: Soon Halman — the merged consciousness of Dave Bowman and the computer HAL — is being spotted again in various places. Can a whole civilization be a Mary Sue? Trouble began brewing in the Odyssey series with the release of This page was last edited on 26 Julyat It’s short, but it’s really well done and the reason of taking us to the year is brilliant.

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The Final Odyssey (TV Mini-Series) – IMDb

0301 His faith in a technological ascension was so strong that it becomes detached here from humanity; so many of his conceptions of this year future society are inc Can a whole civilization be a Mary Sue? Clarke will never fully explain every secret and answer to the …more Odyssye, although it leaves room for interpretation. Clarke manages to tell a great story and retain an element of mystery about the powers or intelligences behind the monoliths, although I think he does a much better job of this in his Rama series, which are both technically and artfully his more superior works.

Feb 09, Reza Qalandari rated it really liked it. The odysse of both Clarke and He spent the first half of his life in England, where he served in World War Two as a radar operator, before emigrating to Ceylon in Unseen in the darkness ,in a calm peaceful sleep. There are tantalizing hints that inertia and gravitation could be electromagnetic phenomena, linked thru the Zero Point field