This ATSG Mercedes / NAG-1 Tech Manual covers tear down and re- assembly and is extremely helpful in successfully repairing this transmission as it is. ATSG Transmission Technical Service Information PDF Free Download. Language: English Format: PDF Pages: 93 Size: Mb. Transmission Rebuild Technical Manual. We Have Parts For All Your Transmission Electrical Needs!.

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By way of capillary action, fluid is drawn up through the wiring filling the TCM Figures 4 and 5.

This sensor reads the rotation of the K1 clutch drum inside the transmission Figure 9. As a side note, the N2 rpm reading in 1st and 5th gear will not be actual input 722.66 rpm. TransTec de Corteco Cars. Because this plate can fail in such a way where it will produces speed sensor or solenoid codes, there has been at times confusion with diagnosing the N2 and N3 speed sensors.

Mercedes 722.6 / NAG 1

This occurs in Park, Reverse Standard Mode, 1st and 5th gear. Unaware, the vehicle is started with atag dry transmission sump. It is mounted on the valve body, which the solenoids bolt down onto Figure 7. In some cases, it has actually worked out for them. Although the adapter plug is supposed to prevent transmission fluid from leaking fluid into the harness connector, it could fail.

This means that anytime the input shaft is in atsv so is the front planetary carrier assembly. The N2 rpm of atgs divided by the 0. But it will definitely ensure that the new TCM you put in will not get loaded with fluid again. Jenric Auto Sales Car Dealership. The selector lever can then be safely placed into Reverse or Drive to properly conduct the test. It began with the Chrysler and Dodge Magnum.

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The N3 speed 72.6 solid black is the most forward speed sensor on the conductor plate. What this means to you and me is this. This not only damages the conductor plate, it also causes a no start condition. As one clutch comes off, it needs to be carefully timed with the on coming clutch.

The next interesting aspect to this equation is the Output Speed.

ATSG Mercedes / NAG 1

The part number to replace it is, A 11 This drum has the front planetary sun gear attached to it and it lugs into the B1 clutch on the pump. Wheels and Meals Cars.

Here is a strong diagnostic article for you. First one to mention is the TCM gets filled with transmission fluid due to a leak into the solenoid harness connector Figure 3.

Sections of this page. This is a clutch-to-clutch shifting transmission, meaning there are no bands in the shifting process.

ATSG Transmission Technical Service Information | Free Download

This gives the transmission the capability to be fitted behind engines as small as a 4 cylinder to as strong as a 12 cylinders. In these ranges the N3 rpm reading will be 0. A real sure way to prevent fluid from ever wicking up the wires again is to expose a piece of each of the wires and drop 7222.6 solder on the wire. Its purpose is to measure the fluid temp and pass that information to the TCM as an input signal.

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This conductor plate brings up a few very interesting points to mention, which is really the primary focus of this article. If the on coming clutch applies too quickly, the overlap of the two clutches causes a very brief tie up or atsb up, which feels like an abrupt or harsh shift. A pinion factor takes into account the transmission gear ratio, tire size and differential ratio for the TCM to properly calculate attsg output speed signal.

Making sure the clutch is used properly is almost as important as these other tips for keeping this transmission in gear. What this means is that whenever the B1 clutch is applied it holds this drum stationary. Crazy as it sounds, it happens. The chart in Figure 10 confirms the normal operation of the speed sensors, the N3 sensor being at 0 in reverse S1st and 5th gears while the N2 is providing an rpm reading.

Several different gear ratios are available with this transmission as well as various amounts of clutch plates within a clutch pack assembly. This statement Chrysler provides in accompaniment with this chart reveals some computer math strategy.