Buy A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road First Edition by Christopher Aslan Alexander (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store . This month my debut novel comes out: Alabaster. Although it’s not set in Khiva, I’ ve drawn on my experiences of living there and elsewhere in. A Carpet Ride to Khiva by Christopher Aslan Alexander, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A Carpet Ride to Khiva: This view was challenged when I stopped a group of middle-aged Uzbek men squatting outside their homes, to ask for directions. It’s filled with information about the culture and cautionary tales about how the power structure works. If you enjoyed the book or hated it for that matter do leave comments on the Amazon website.

As any tourist can’t fail to notice, the people are wonderfully friendly and tolerant of foreigners indeed, in some instances foreigners are extended privileges not available to locals.

A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road by Christopher Aslan Alexander

Maybe there were some in the print version but not the electronic version I read. More than just a tableau of Khiva, the book also paints a picture of a foreigner’s integration into rde community. Sustainability February 21, And like a travel book, or better yet, a sophisticated primer, Alexander provides readers with history and cultural lessons about the region. Fascinating book by a young man who, knowing nothing about weaving or rugs, found himself i Uzbekistan working on a khiav which was of little interest to him.

Up until that point, he had used girls interchangeably with women so it’s possible he could have meant either. I read this while travelling around Uzbekistan and it provided carpt great deal of context and insight into the reality of life in a country that, as a tourist at least, almost feels too good to be true.

This is where you can find out more about the book and also about how the workshops I set up are faring.

Development organisations sponsored his setting up a carpet making workshop and later one embroidering cushion covers. Meanwhile, the current government sucks the life blood out of the people through corruption causing many of the men to go to the Soviet Union and Kazakhstan for work greatly affecting the patriarchal family structure there.

While writing a guidebook about Khiva, he fell in love with this desert oasis boasting the rixe homogenous example of Islamic architecture in the world, and stayed. It seems almost too good to be true; I get to return to Khiva and my other favourite parts of Uzbekistan, and get paid for it!

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A Carpet Ride to Khiva

Hardcoverpages. Jalaladdin, the downtrodden eldest son now runs Meros Bed and Breakfast and speaks excellent English, no thanks to me. Internet access is widespread and major cities are now joined by a high speed rail network. How did the Uzbek guest house work out?

At first, I struggled with bitterness. It requires no effort as you are drawn forward page by page by a well written and at times heart wrenching saga of a man’s foray into a foreign and at times brutal culture.

Hopefully it will inspire others to embark on similar ventures. He stayed much longer than he first intended and only left, reluctantly, when his visa was not renewed. The puppet master is there, and so Umid, who still has a stall next to Zulhamar and the antique seller.

The good news is that Madrim has finally managed to find an Afghan trader who has supplied the workshop with the dyes they need to produce blues, reds and black.

The silk-dying was not on display for a couple of I seldom do a lot of reading while I am traveling but this book was an exception. Immersing himself in the language and rich cultural traditions Alexander discovers a world torn between Marx and Mohammed – a place where veils and vodka, pork and polygamy freely mingle – against a backdrop of forgotten carpet designs, crumbling but magnificent Islamic architecture catpet scenes drawn straight from “The Arabian Nights”.

That being said, I found myself enjoying the book – the trials and tribulations of working on projects in Uzbekistan and the depictions of Khiva itself. Experienced natural dyers will appreciate how far he will go in his quest to find powdered madder root to achieve the rich red dyes for his carpets. An enjoyable piece of travel writing which doubled as the author’s exercise in catharsis about the end of his time in the Uzbekistan city of Khiva as an aid worker who helped set up a sustainable carpet business.

This book is a journey into carpt fascinating culture and its crumbling edifice, of daily triumphs amidst layers of corruption, of a young man finding a new life, a new family and a purpose in a land he now calls home. Very mixed feelings about this book. Looking for beautiful books?

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Sep 07, Erika rated it really liked it. Horrifying as this is to anyone with a Western liberal mindset, it is nonetheless a dramatic improvement on the situation for women prior to the middle of the 20th-century, when all women were expected to wear full body horsehair cloaks that not only were incredibly painful, but also contained in-built handcuffs to ensure that women never enjoyed too much freedom outside of the home.


Chris initially went to Uzbekistan with Operation Mercy to help carrpet a travel manual. Provides a great overview of his time in Uzbekistan and the setting up of a carpet workshop. Erkin is joining the masses heading to Russia for casual work this summer, in order to z ends meet. This wonderful book tracks the experiences of Chris Aslan Alexander in his charitable work setting up a carpet weaving factory in Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

I doubt I will A great first book by Christopher.

Nov 17, Icon Books rated it it was amazing. Seven years after I left, I now have a new Uzbek tourist visa in my passport. Apr 22, Farah Nadiah rated it liked it. During this time, our little team felt in need of a break and we made a weekend trip to the mountain village of Arslanbob, entirely Uzbek, backed by m mountain peaks and darpet by the oldest and largest natural walnut forest in the world.

Epub bought on the Google Play Store lacks images that some people wrote about in the book’s blog: I found this book to be enchanting but at times quite difficult reading, well worth the hours I spent reading it.

A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road

Please signup or login to comment. My heart soars as the minarets and crenellations of the bulging Ichan Kala walls crpet into view. He incorporates an incredible amount of historical ridw cultural detail within the text in a way that enables the reader to learn a vast quantity of information without realising it, as he weaves these gems into the storyline and introduces fact through the medium of everyday life as it was for him.

My one quibble was that the author consistently calls women girls. Welcome to the website. I just found myself wanting more details–What happened to the workshop and the weavers after he left?