James Salter was the celebrated author of six novels (The Hunters, ; The Arm of Flesh, ; A Sport and a Pastime, ; Light Years, ; Solo Faces, . 28 Dec James Salter Month “If you want to learn to write about sex, read Salter.” I went THE NARRATOR of A Sport and a Pastime is an American. A Sport and A Pastime is a seductive classic that established James Salter’s reputation as one of the finest writers of our time. It is remarkable for its eroticism, .

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Around the wheels one can detect the first, faint discoloring of chrome. Early on, he states: Some of these lines are laughable, esp. Compared to them the men of these novels seem cardboard ideas, whereas they are almost actual people, and without Anne-Marie this book does saletr exist. Perhaps it was path-breaking in its day, but at this juncture its lovers seem acrobatic but not well-characterized.

The orchestras of the world beat softly. He moves fluidly in the garb of a European; his pace and tone heavy but never dolorous, and yet he remains distinctly American in his perspective, one that can bridge the grand imagination that comes from a notion of the Old World, but which also remembers that beneath the golden rotundas and ornate friezes lies the flaking paint of long weathered walls.

When they do write about sex, it is only other men who might find it remotely plausible, let alone satisfying.

The essence of another. Such is not going to fit everybody’s taste. Solo Faces James Salter. The final lines of the novel hit closer to home than I expected: View all 13 comments.


The novel ad narrated by an unnamed charact This was my first experience of the recently deceased James Salter, who I have been meaning to read for a long time, the writer having been lauded by critics for many years. Have you read othe Julie wrote: I would have loved the book to pieces even in the absence of the tempestuous love story, simply for the way the author paints in vibrant colours the beauty of the French countryside, the paetime of small towns pver the changing mames, the majesty of the Loire valley castles or the liberating expanses of the seaside resorts.

More important because they are the intuitive in its purest state Philip DeanAnne-Marie. The only fumbles come when he turns to sex. Since its publication induring the decade of sexual revolution, A Jqmes and a Pastime has set the standard not only for eroticism in fiction, but for the principal organ of literature — the imagination.

Up To Me M.

Beautiful and brutal: how James Salter set the standard for erotic writing

First of all, this star system aggrieves me. I decided I wanted to say something admiring and yet faintly critical, such as “A languidly paced love story, written in immaculately finished prose. The rhythm of Salter That is the chief problem I had with this work.

To read salteg essays for James Salter Month, click here. The narrator acknowledges that much of his story including graphic sex is in fact drawn from his own voyeuristic fantasies of the couple: His existence is already becoming clouded, strange. Phillip occasionally mingles with the other characters of the book–even taking the narrator himself out on a roadtrip of provincial France–but stays mostly by the side and in the bed of the second half of the amorous couple, Anne-Marie Costallat, the eighteen-year old French girl from the small town called Autun.


A Sport and a Pastime : James Salter :

But Salter’s improbable narrative isn’t as much of a problem as his flatly-drawn jamez. He wants to ask for love and protection, but he does not know the language needed for his question, and he is unsure how he would respond should he request be granted. Here is brief outline that gives you the gist of the story. Though Anne-Marie is the object of his desire and the subject of his incandescent, burning dreams, it is Dean an fixates upon.

He has also borrowed money, the house in Autun, and even, as it were, Anne-Marie herself.

Thus spake the first-person narrator in a book where 1st and 3rd person POV blend so unnaturally that the reader is put on alert.

And one day the clock is wrong. Ane then they, and we, return to the world, and to the impossibilities that push any of us together with anyone else.

The axles are cracking like wood. Nov 05, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mames and Anne-Marie were knowable to me, types I more or less understood.

It is why we watch film, why we engage in a daily mythology, why we construct a facade of ourselves that we present to the world. Dean travels around France with Anne Marie, returning from time to time to Autun.