A Stillness at Appomattox has ratings and reviews. Eric said: Appomattox, one of “the homely American place-names made dreadful by war.” Appoma. Recounting the final year of the Civil War, this classic volume by Bruce Catton won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award for excellence. Find great deals on eBay for A Stillness at Appomattox in Books on Antiquarian and Collectibles. Shop with confidence.

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It’s an almost inexplicable story, and sheds light more, for me, on just how tired, hungry, and ill, these men were, and additionally, likely poorly educated with little ability to communicate using writing or maps.

This is the third installment in Bruce Catton’s great Civil War trilogy. Other books in the series. The long war would end, they would live to see Easter, and Rebels and Yankees were to be countrymen again in a new nation A brigade made of coal miners from Pennsylvania dug underneath the Confederate lines to plant explosive charges and hopefully blow a hole in the defenses. It is vintage and in excellent condition. If you are interested in the civil war, this series would be one of the first I would recommend reading.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Although it’s not difficult to read, it is a difficult read, in that it leaves you with a heaviness and sadness and a wish that the Civil War might somehow have been avoided, but still remarking on how much the character of the country was, in a sense, created, by that trauma.

It’s well-written and reads like a novel, but it also contains a lot of quite interesting historical information. As winter turned to spring, and without much else to hope for, Lee gambled on a daring escape from the city. Catton lived out his passion for the American Civil War from a young age. He writes about the battles that the army fought and the collective mentality of the rank and file and the leadership This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat The book is, after all, largely about the trials and tribulations of the much-aggrieved Army of the Potomac.


Very nice looking overall. If you need to remember why it is you became fasci What can I say about Bruce Catton and this book?

But the stories about what was going on inside the heads of the people was often compelling and fascinating. He was considered another Napoleon who was going to win the war.

This page was last updated: Some might say this is a “history written by the victors” text, and certainly the book’s slant is Northern. Their stories made a lasting impression upon him, giving “a color and a tone,” Catton wrote in his memoir, Waiting for the Morning Stillnesa”not merely to our village life, but to the concept of life with which we grew up The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph J.

I think I was always subconsciously driven by an attempt to restate that faith and to show where it was properly grounded, how it grew out of what a great many young men on both sides felt and believed and were brave enough to do.

These books are as readable and enjoyable today as they were originally in the ‘s. Catton, writing in the early s about black troops at the Crater, is less sociologically comprehensive but just as affecting as Slotkin, a dedicated scholar of race relations, writing in Ay book covers the last 14 months of the srillness with the Army of the Potomac.

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Art and Life in America by Oliver W. May 19, Richard rated it it was amazing.

The Centennial history covers the entire war and all the armies and politicians. This, my friends, is how it’s done. The Impending Crisis, — by David M.

A Stillness at Appomattox – Wikipedia

The work really starts to take off when Ulysses S. Grant’s brutal sledgehammer campaign, Lee’s ferocious response, it’s all here, but written in a way that comes across, at times, like some sort of dark war poetry.

A Appomatrox at Appomattox by Catton, Bruce”. The Whitehouse was the real storm center. Washington’s Crossing by David Hackett Fischer He gives fair treatment to all whether they be Confederates, black Union soldiers, stragglers, deserters, heroes and cowards. Grant in charge of all of the armies of the Sti,lness States.

A Stillness at Appomattox

Worse than the numbers of casualties alone, is the sickening feeling of confusion and senselessness. Written by Bruce Catton, it is the last volume in a trilogy discussing the war that tore the Union asunder. The opposing soldiers on the battlefield seemed willing appomttox slap each other on the back and say they were all the same when it came right down to it but the bigger picture between the north qppomattox the south after the war was hardly so positive.