Some brother is passing out this horrific book against our ( Raheemullah). I need to know if there is a book in english written in. Compiled by Sayf ad-Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Al- Albani Unveiled An Exposition of His Errors and other important issues Compiled . Al-albaniUnveiled-AnExpositionOfHisErrorssayfAd-dinAhmedIbnMuhammad.

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Let no man be alone with a woman, for the devil will be third among them. Malik is also reported to have held two different views. The reference for this is given after the discussion between Imam Abu Hanifah and Imam al-Awzai Allah’s mercy be upon themplease algani below.

It is this successful group about which the Prophet Peace be upon him has said: There are many Hadith which command us to detest the Heretics.

When he finished, he said, You were going to do as the Persians and the Romans do: Shaykh al-Barzanjee said in? So what an amazing contradiction! There are many quotes from scholars which prove a near universal juridical acceptance of 20 rak’ahs of taraweeh, but I content myself by quoting a select few from some of the foremost scholars of the Ahl-as-Sunnah, as well as the Imam of the “Salafiyya” when it suits their whims and desiresAhmad ibn Taymiyya. Nevertheless, I would like to make it clear to those readers who are unaware of the status of Bilal Philips, that he has heavily depended on the classifications of al- Albani in most of his books!

The Raising of Hands in Prayer Another point I wish to raise concerns the long disputed issue of raising the hands in prayer sal ah. So the error comes from separation; but in the community as a whole there is no error concerning the meaning of the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and analogy qiyas.

Please do not forget that there are many other authentic Ahadith to back up the opinion of the Hanafi’s and Maliki’s! He was especially worried by the fact that many students and members of the youth who do not have enough or no knowledge are simply not bothering to investigate the Hadiths classified by al-Albani, are being misled into blind ignorance; even though these very people are the one’s calling staunchly and vociferously for the complete abandonment of taqleed usually translated as “blind following” by the opponents, but in reality it is the following of qualified and verified scholarship of a Mujtahid Mutlaq [an absolutely independent scholar of the highest calibre] like the Imam’s Abu Hanifah, Malik, Shafi’i, Ibn Hanbal Allah’s mercy be upon them and the like, as well as the scholars who adhered to and promulgated a particular school of fiqh [Madhhab] for the greater part of Islam’s history; taqleed in simple language is the following of one of the four existing schools of fiqh.


The narrators of the latter Hadith i. Bilal Philips has put footnotes to the five Hadith that I will be quoting below to declare some of the Hadith to be Da’eefbut one thing that should be mentioned is that he has mainly relied upon al-Albani’s classification of the Hadiths in question; hence these ‘classifications’ of al- Albani need re -verifying!

In general, one does not take an accounting problem to a shoe salesman.


It is protection for those who hold fast to it, and a means of salvation for those who unveilev by it. Notify Admin about this post. I do not wish to go into much detail on this issue, but Insha Allah a separate publication is what is really required, to show which opinion is the most correct.

That is, it is for disbelievers.

He was not trusted accept by Ibn Hibban, and that’s why al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar did not trust him, Instead he only said ‘accepted! Ibn Juraij said in his version: This book contains the most authentic positions of al-Imam Malik and his illustrious disciples, namely Imam ibn al-Qasim and Imam ibn Wahb.

Not all of those who are in this one group will go to Hell. It is a well known fact that he denied the consensus of the Companions Ijma as-Sahabaas well as rejecting the validity of the Fatwa of a Companion! Are we to say that they contradict themselves?!! And this sums up the approach of the contemporary and some classical Ash? Al-Albani has said in ” Sharh al-Aqeedah at-Tahaweeahpg.

By Him in Whose hand is my soul, my Ummah will split into 73 sects: He thinks they are the most evil of people.

Modem Printing Press, Dubai, Al- Albaani Slandered, p. Are those who follow my and my Sahaba’s path” Tirmidhi, vol. Intellect cannot change them and will only help understand them. This is an old article floating around from a few years back. Under this guise, he said that killing the Ahl as-Sunnah was permissible, until Allah destroyed them Wahhabi’s in the year AH by way of the Muslim army. So does this not mean that the ‘Salafiyya’ should perform 13 Raka’ats of taraweeh in Ramadan?

Only those who seek the pleasure of Paradise will follow the community, for the devil can pursue one person, but stands far away from two.

And he who is killed under the banner of a man who aobani blind to the cause for which he is fightingwho gets flared up with family pride and fights for his tribe – is not from albbani Ummah, and whoso from my followers attacks my followers indiscriminately killing the righteous and the wicked of them, sparing not even unveiledd staunch in faith and fulfilling not his obligation towards them who have been given a pledge of securityis not from me. I sincerely entreat all who call others to this religion or who work in the field of propagating Islam to fear Allah respecting the honour of the Community of Muhammad Allah bless him and grant him peace is possessed of goodness until the Final Hour, we are bereft of any if we fail to acknowledge the worth and excellence of our learned.


Imam Tahawi lived in a time when most of the Hadith had been collected after Bukhari, Muslim etchence he had an ideal opportunity to sift through the Hadith on Raful-Yadayn and he came to the conclusion that Imam Abu Hanifah’s Rahimahullah view point was more convincing to him, and in this regard he quoted some Hadiths negating the practise of Raful-Yadayn in some of his works.

Al-Albani is of the firm opinion that when one goes into Sajdah, he or she should place his hands onto the ground before his knees. I saw the Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, while prostrating, place his knees on the floor before his hands.

S; Porcupine Press, Philadelphia. So wake up al-Albani! No longer are the Islamic groups essentially united by a consistent madhhab and the Ash’ari ‘aqidah see later.

Al Albani Unveiled An Exposition Of His Errorssayf Ad Din Ahmed Ibn Muhammad

We seek refuge in Allah from such a disgusting statement! I ask you, is there a single Islamic scholar of the present day, among all the PhD. Abdallah ibn Amr Allah be pleased with him: Instead of 11 rakaats, 13 are mentioned.

But in the supererogatory najl prayer there is no harm in folding the handsit is left to the individual to decide. This is because true dissention is one wherein concord and unity become virtually impossible.

An-Nawawi also mentioned it. For as Imam Zuhri d. Little does he know that this Hadith has been narrated by Ahmad and Bukhari from Abu Hurayra Allah be pleased with him!! He said, “Verily, the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him in the month of Ramadaan, used to perform 20 rak’ahs and the witr prayer afterwards without congregation.