Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. Kimiya-yi Sa’ādat was a book written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī, a Persian theologian, philosopher, and prolific Sunni Muslim. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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The Alchemy of Happiness by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Dec 29, Alex Kartelias rated it liked it Shelves: Even the pleasure of eating will be attended with oppression and pain, and afterwards be followed by some adverse accident. For, although in sleep the senses are blunted, the imaginative faculty is not, alxhemy preserves the forms reflected upon the mirror of the heart.

The wise passengers, remembering the admonition of the sailors, attended quickly to their ghzali, and immediately returned to the ship. Therefore, when we hear some good man, who has travelled far on the road of spiritual discovery affirm, that knowledge of the external world, in the sense which we at first alluded to, is a hindrance in the way of truth, we ought to be careful not to deny the truth of what he says.

Aug 11, Suzanne Merchant rated it really liked it Shelves: We cannot obtain, for example, a knowledge of God, unless we previously possess a knowledge of the soul. Kf how should’st thou be able to comprehend God, who in his nature cannot be comprehended, Edition: If a person with his eyes wide open should look inam the world and upon his own body, and then shut his eyes, everything would be veiled from his view, so that he could not see even his own body.

O seeker after the divine mysteries! Know, student of the divine mysteries, that the heart is like a reservoir into which five streams flow: If they urge, however, that the transgressions of the prophets were doing them no injury, but that they were exercising prudence and carefulness for the sake of other people, we then reply, that you also ought to be careful, lest other people seeing your actions, should imitate your example.

Beloved, the falsehood and error of these people appear from this consideration. These qualities become useless at death. Behold, another likeness of the world.

If you had a servant who had been faithful to you during his whole life, with whose services you were not able to dispense, while he could at any time find a better master—yet if he should only for a single day disobey your orders, you would get angry, beat him, and wish to get rid of him. It has been printed also in Persian at Calcutta. So long as the spirit works in equilibrium, it is capable of delicate operations and effects; but so soon as excess of heat or cold destroys the equilibrium, the exhaled fluid is diminished, and it becomes incapable of movement and sensation….


Our refuge is in God! For the soul has been created with these qualities and affections, and human nature cannot be changed.

Hence, every man glories in what he knows, even if the thing is but of little importance. There are, however, in our times certain weak persons and indifferent to religious truth for the most part, who in the guise of soofees, 1 after learning a few of their obscure phrases and ornamenting themselves with their cap and robes, treat knowledge and the doctors of the law 2 as inimical to themselves, and continually find fault with them.

The Alchemy of Happiness

Beloved, in proportion as a man analyzes the nature of his body and the variety of uses of its several members, his reverence and love for its Creator and Maker will increase. While yet comparatively young, his learning and genius recommended him to the renowned sovereign Nizam ul Mulk, who gave him a professorship in the college which he had founded at Bagdad.

It is not named either in the Koran or in the Traditions. Yet assuredly a vivid and respectful interest must be awakened in our minds for ghazxli races and nations, whose ideas of their relations as immortal beings arc so serious and earnest. On the contrary every man in his essential nature is endowed with attributes rendering him capable of participating in the same discoveries.

Now the faithful, truthful and experienced oof religion, who imqm mindful that the soul is treacherous, deceptive, perfidious, malicious and false, always watch carefully over their own souls, lest they should do something that transcends the commands of the law, or that is contrary to reason.

This book is a gem but I don’t recommed this edition of the book the one with a cover of a miniature as it contains numerous punctuation and spelling mistakes. Just in the same manner as when you gahzali a beautiful specimen of calligraphy or some elegant verses, you praise the person who made them, happineas feel a love for him in your heart and desire eagerly to see him.

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Many distinguished men have attained these revelations by experience and the demonstration of reasoning. Beloved, these ignorant men, imaam the affairs of the world, in their schemes of living, and in their business, manifest no trust in the bounty of God, nor do they leave off alcjemy one moment their buying and selling, their trades or their farming, although God has decreed the means of their existence many years before they were born, and has made himself surety that it should be provided for them.

Beloved, strive to obtain this knowledge, for there is no more precious jewel. He was living in the centre of Aryan peoples and religions. Still the veil of heedlessness disappeared from the eyes of those to whom the grace and guidance of the Eternal and unchangeable gave aid and support, and the discovery of the alcgemy world ghazzali not concealed from the view of some of those who came into this material world, but was anew revealed to them, after a measure of exertion of spiritual ardor.

Woe to him who has no portion in this knowledge! They have been purified and hhazali by the eternal Truth Himself, and have been sent forth to communicate precepts and laws, and to decide upon all circumstances. There is nothing more delightful than to meet with and look upon an object that we love.

But we have spoken so much as is found above, for the sake of both warning and stimulating the seeker after the knowledge and love of God. The remarkable treatise, which I introduce to your notice, is a translation from one of the numerous works of the Arabian Philosopher, Abou Hamid Mohammed ben Mohammed al Ghazzali, who flourished gbazali the eleventh century.

In form, the book contains a treatise on practical piety, but as is the case alche,y a large proportion of Mohammedan works, the author, whatever may be his subject, finds a place for observations reaching far wide of his apparent off, so our author is led to make many observations which develop his notions in anatomy, physiology, natural philosophy and natural religion. For a full account of Ghazzali’s Edition: It ensnares the fish from the depths of the sea, and the bird from the end of heaven.