Items 51 – of In this study Cassia angustifolia (senna) is used for the such as chromosomal bridges, lagging chromosomes, micronuclei, monads. Cassia angustifolia leaf powder is useful as treatment for constipation amount of sennoside B in leaves and pods, and also differ in chromosome morphology. Cassia angustifolia is cultivated mainly in India and Pakistan [6] and is Lin X, Kaul S. Sequence and analysis of chromosome 2 of the plant.

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To characterize the extract, shelf life, thermal and pH stability, effects of detergents such as Tween 80, Tween 20, Triton X, toluene and enzymes on the antimicrobial activity of Elaeagnus angustifolia extract, were examined. Spices are added into foods mainly for enhancing the organoleptic quality of the food.

Traditional medicine Cassia absus L. Furthermore, molecular docking simulation results demonstrated that hydroxyl group of alaternin and emodin tightly interacted with the active site residues of BACE1 and their relevant binding energies The converted data on the elution peaks of each population were different and could be used to represent those populations.

However, there was a faster germination and initial growth of seedlings for seeds left in cold storage for 60 days than in seeds assessed at harvest or left in cold storage for days. While the essential oil quality of the lavender species British lavender is high the lavandin species hybrid lavender have high essential oil yield [2, 52].

One of the medicinal plants is Cassia siamea Lamk. Sequence and analysis of chromosome 2 of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Pot experiment was conducted to evaluate cadmium stress induced changes in physiological and biochemical attributes in C. These medicines originally developed from crude drugs like tinctures and tinctures.


Comparison on extraction yield of sennoside A and sennoside B from senna Cassia angustifolia using conventional and non conventional extraction techniques and their quantification using a validated HPLC-PDA detection method. Full Text Available In the present, work chemical composition and nutritional value of aerial parts of Cassia occidentalis L.

Each method highlighted different properties of the data matrix according to the fingerprints from different types of Cassia seeds.

Cytogenetic study of some Thai species of flowering plants

Stable silver nanoparticles having symmetric surface plasmon resonance SPR band centred at nm were obtained within 10 min at room temperature by treating aqueous solutions of silver nitrate with C. Cytogenetic study of some Thai species of flowering plants.

The present study investigated Typha angustifolia leaf proteome in response to Cr, Cd and Pb stress. In the restoration zones, the planted white poplars had higher rates of net assimilation and water use efficiency than the mature trees in the natural stand.

The diversity of chemical impurities found even at low concentration levels, considering the potential for chronic toxicity of these elements, reinforces the need to improve the implementation of chromosomess practices by growers and traders, and the hypothesis of lack of quality control in plant products. It is hypothesized that C. Inferring population trends of Araucaria angustifolia Araucariaceae Multi-wavelength HPLC fingerprints from complex substances: Comparison of ESTs from Huperzia serrata and Phlegmariurus carinatus reveals putative genes involved in lycopodium alkaloid biosynthesis and developmental regulation.

The experiment followed the completely randomized factorial design 4x3x2, with chrmoosomes cold storage durations 0, 60,and days, three storage methods NA, MA, and CA, with or without escarification, and four replicates. Structural characterization of cadsia from Cassia fistula seeds.


Chang, a narrow-leaf small reed, was currently angusstifolia upon the alpine landscape and threatening tundra biota. Gene Ontology analysis helps in specifying all the annotated nodes comprising of GO functional groups.

Cytogenetic study of some Thai species of flowering plants [1996]

We used nuclear microsatellite and AFLP markers to assess patterns of genetic variation in six natural populations at the intra- and inter-population level, and related our findings to gene dispersal in this species. The application of spices and their derivatives in chrommosomes as preservatives has been investigated for years.

Hence this method was suitable for quantification of this component in C. Beside this, toxicity studies of this plant have revealed no toxic effect on mice.

Our findings support the general understanding that the laxative effects of Senna are explainable mainly by metabolites and not by the natively present dianthrones. In vivo xenograft tumor assays in nude mice revealed dose-dependent suppression of tumor growth and lung metastasis with no toxicity to the animals suggesting that AQHAR vassia be a potent and safe natural drug for cancer treatment.

Bicolor is more evident in half-exposed and shaded leaves. Seed extracts may be considered for use in food and nutraceutical applications.