: Narcissus in Chains: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 10 ( Audible Audio Edition): Laurell K Hamilton, Cynthia Holloway, Brilliance Audio. In her tenth adventure, nothing can save vampire hunter Anita Blake from a twist of fate that draws her ever closer to the brink of humanity. Narcissus Appeared in Narcissus in Chains Mentioned in Bullet Status Alive Species Werehyena Residence St. Louis, Missouri Occupation(s) Club owner.

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During the course of the book, Anita is accidentally impaled on the claws of one of her wereleopards, so it seems she might become their Nimir-Ra for like real, yo. If you are look for a book that deals with a plot that has sex, and handles sex and rape in an adult manner, this is not the book for you.

First Edition, with the full number sequence of present on the copyright page. A leopard shifter with “kitty” eyes and hung like a horse yes, this is a plot point. And finally, the back and forth between Richard and Anita was just tiresome.

Narcissus In Chains

And which of those do you have any control over? Even parts of the plot like rescuing and healing Gregory just dragged on for chapter after chapter with no good purpose. Anita Blxke, Vampire Hunter 10 Author s: Come on, he’s the king of his clan so why does he have to anlta so girly? If you have been a fan of the books up to this ni, I recommend stopping before you pick this up and really consider whether you want to continue.


In this case, “Narcissus in Chains” is the name of a dominance and submission nightclub operated by Narcissusa werehyena who is himself named after Narcissus of Greek myth. Not to mention the fact that she has to fuck everyone she comes into contact with.

Books from the Crypt Published: And onto Cerulean Sins I go!! Six months have passed without the two men in Anita’s life.

Narcissus in Chains

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The good part is that all these changes were logical, Hamilton was really good at explaining everything and made me see the rationality behind all these chqins. He is the owner of a BDSM club, and although he usually tops.

I don’t know what made me decide to start re-reading this series even though I’m doing it out of order but I’m glad I did. But she has to rely on both for help after two of the wereleopards that she chainz been watching are abducted at a seedy club called Narci Hamilton’s vampire-hunting Anita Blake faces a plethora of foes in her tenth outing.

OK so what is it with he shifter boys, they all seem to be really hung There is an underlying theme in these books.

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Sign up to receive offers and updates: I likely chakns wait a good while before I go on to 11, and I may just skip ahead to the books that have Edward and Olaf in them. Overall I love, love, loved this book. She was a tough-as-nails take-no-crap woman in a male-dominated milieu and I found it easy to root for her. So why would I want to read this crap? Anita has been gone for six months narxissus herself from her men and spending time with Marianne vhains an attempt to sort things out and focus on gaining better control of her magic.

Narcissus In Chains by Hamilton, Laurell K

Asher makes him pant with anticipation. New York, New York: Like a hairball hocked up by a massive cat. Because we still get gems like: In NiC blame, tho’, she gets overcome by the “ardeur”, AKA, the lust-monkey power of her vampire lover, Jean-Paul, which compels her to fuck pretty much anyone. We had Anita and Richard finally realising they need to work something out with Jean-Claude and stop doing the whole running for the hills thing or the turn into acid thing.

Used book in very blame condition.

No, really, it did.