Downloads & manuals Win 7+, New Spark 2, Jun, Mb, New Spark 2 Japanese Manual, Dec, Mb, New Spark. This page contains information about the Version User Manual (English) for the SparkLE from Arturia. ARTURIA – SPARK CREATIVE DRUM MACHINE – USER’S MANUAL. 2. Les informations contenues dans ce manuel ne sont pas contractuelles, et peuvent.

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Arturia Spark 2 User Manual

Graphic Equalizer The Vocal filter is a formant filter that recreates the sound of vowels. Just click on [Select] and then on the instrument pad of your choice to specifically select the corresponding instrument.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. In this overview we will focus on the features arturiia to the hardware controller. The library is zparkle into 2 main windows: Fast Ties get applied after a short time. Avoid using a non-powered USB-Hub.

If you want to connect the Controller to a USB-hub instead, make sure the hub has its own power supply. Set reverse mode on sample. The roll speed depends on the selected note value.

Firmware upgrade is now possible for the MiniLab owners. Your patterns are now chained together and played one after another in the sequence defined in manua song panel. The sound might suit better in some circumstances.

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Arturia SPARK User Manual

A small window appears next to the knob to let you know the amount and direction of volume applied. This powerful hybrid gives you two instruments in one: The value of the knob when you raturia the step button will be written as automation for this particular step. Then, click and maintain your click on the snare drum pad.

No visual indication when turning sample layer gain knob. VC5 Preset Updater V 1.

Fix song edit bug, when selecting several pattern and pressing delete multiple times the song length could come to a negative value Fix several issue related to the wheel kit selection, not working, changing mode not working MIDI Clock out improvement Fix sequencer out of sync in plugin mode when looping V 1.

Stereo refers to the width of the stereo field of the reverb.


Space pan must be used on stereo sounds. Gain knob for each layer Effect unit 1.

The notification frequency can be changed in the settings artria See the release notes for the latest versions of the software Add setting to change the download directory Add setting to automatically remove installers after a successful install Send usage data to help improve Arturia software. Analog Lab 2 EN Manual. Exclusively based on the modular engine built in Spark 2, Down Tempo Fragment is about airy hovering percussions and sound effects. A pop-up menu will ask you to confirm your choice.


The Strobe effect will play and shut off the sound alternately at the rate of the selected note value. Page 48 Add a new automation lane Automation tools 5. Preferences Panel Otherwise, one must first select the new bank, then specify the pattern of this new bank, even if it’s the same pattern number as the currently played pattern.

Arturia – Resources

Page 22 FX Live pad except for the Tape effect, which spparkle happens once per press. The solo button on the center panel will flash to indicate that a solo has been set from another panel studio, mixer or sequencer. Browser window re-opens in same place. In the Default Keylab template, the transport buttons now send MMC messages to reflect an upcoming firmware sparlle V 0.

The Loop Zone Song mode. Related Manuals for Arturia Spark 2 No related manuals. Fixed Sound loading issue: Expertly collated by Victor Morello and Matt Pike, the 5 kits in Electronic Blend each contain 16 dedicated sounds, and provide you with 32 great patterns to play with and make your own.