Voyagers. The Sleeping Abductees. Volume I of the Emerald Covenant CDT- Plate. Translations. Ashayana Deane,. (formerly published as Anna Hayes). 17 Oct AD – Recap. study-notes from Anna Hayes(Ashayana Deane)’ “Voyagers I, The Sleeping Abductees” and “Voyagers II, The Secrets of. First published between , Voyagers® II: The Secrets of Amenti Hayes & Ashayana Deane pen names), and stands as the forerunner to the vast .

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The SOA was repaired voyagwrs the thus becoming known as the saviour of the races. The time for secrecy is over. Keylontic Morphogenetic Science and how this substance is structured within sets of dimensional scales to create the literal multi-dimensional anatomy of the human form and identity. Most Drakon left earth or destroyed.

Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees, Volume 1 (Voyagers)

Your other soul-fragments appear as past incarnations, whilst for those HU2 appear as future incarnations. Small scale wars will break out…motivated by the Anunnaki resistance who enter orbit in D4 in Mar 14, Jessie Jess rated it liked it Shelves: The Promise Kristen Ashley.

The Ra Material Ra. D7 — Arcturian Silver — day1. Whatever the answer to that question is, I don’t really care, and feel that James is sincere and well-meaning, even if our respective “Wingmakers” accounts differ; since we are both motivated by truth and helping others to become more aware and enlightened, I don’t see why James has a problem with the public having the right to explore “different perspectives” on an issue.


The identity of the WingMakers is not how I have portrayed them, ashahana rather they are a fallen race of ETs with a dark agenda. When stargates open, it allows ET’s to easily access the planet. If things were not handled correctly, earth’s population would be dwindled by mass earth changes between The 9 day trip to Giza-Egypt scheduled for March UFO Sightings and Contact Phenomena are in truth a natural and anticipated stepping stone in our evolution asgayana biology and consciousness.

A’shayana Deane – Author of The Voyager Books – Interview by Project Camelot Productions

Jeshewua-9 and his 3-children prospered also. Part of this programming is the false and twisted history, to hide our true lineage and the fact that they have abused, mutated and exploited our race for hundreds of thousands of years. Return to Book Page. It is also known as Geomancy Yunasai Matrix.

It is critical that the mass humans reach 4. Those who are able to face these REAL ISSUES, who are willing to learn the new paradigms necessary for choosing effective action, and who can rapidly overcome the culture-shock re-orientation the realities of these issues imply, can directly make a difference in the outcome of this drama as it unfolds over the next 12 years. BUT where there are consequences involving numerous planets, star systems, intervention is required.

The Emerald Order Oraphim began the Turaneusiam lineage but more…they were the original ELOHEI not “Elohim”, many of which are “fallen” who seeded the universal common Lyran Pre-matter races…the original avatars that seeded life in this time matrix. The spot on which the Pyramid was built and the A.


Furthermore, traditional interpretations of the historical evolution of our lineage will likewise cry out for review. Ashayana Deane has been personally trained by the Guardian Alliance to bring to Earth the new but ancient science of Keylonta-the science of light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter.

In the early 70’s the guardians placed a Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adoptedstates that: Sleeping Abductees-4… Humans have senses of which 5 we are aware of. The pattern of the Morph-field appears as a standing wave of blue colour with a pale shade of green. It is also known as the “” Seal [ number of man, placed on each forehead So he did not listen and proceeded voyaters ascend people thru.

With friends like this we don’t need enemies! Reprogram past events to shift thing in the present-now. There are hidden alterior motives of evolutionay hi-jacking. The Anunnaki rebels tried to use the atlantis crystal gemerator to teardown the electromagnetic barriers securing the inner earth portals and in the processed failed destroying Atlantis which broke up into 3-pieces.

Indigo children are also known as sirian-blues They come from the 7th root race “Evanjhechi” and their cloister race Yunaseti, collectivelly kno as the Paradisians.