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Construction of Wood Scaffolding Scaffolding is an elevated single- or multilevel working platform to help support the weight of machines, people and various materials. Most of the time I was watching the procedure for every works in the site, which briefly described below in the next in addition to the theoretical knowledge I have grasped in the school of my study.

Removal time of forms for structures is different according to the specification given for this project.


Procedures of reinforcement bars of beam Installing the rebar structure on the cured lean: So, theoretical knowledge is not satisfactory to overcome the problem encountered in practical experience. Thus sub- contractors may be let for excavation, formworks, reinforcement making and erecting, plastering masonry work, bar bending, cutting etc.

Placing, Compacting and Curing Concrete should be placed as close to its final position as possible. She also greets customers and answers any questions they may have. In exposed areas such as a slopewindbreaks and sunshades are byi built to reduce 506 evaporation. Curing compounds, which can be sprayed onto the concrete surface to form a thin continuous sheet, are also commonly used. Spread mortar and set stones into it until completed the next layer of stones.

I was totally working in the site and office by bbi the quantities of each activity and collecting data for projects.

Machine mixing It is the process of mixing of concrete ingredients which are cement; fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water using mixer machines.

Each layer was spraying with water and compacted thoroughly. This is done before setting out of profile.


Tie the post to the wall using wood cleats and attach its shelf to posts, nailing it at the bottom. Curing is also a key player in mitigating cracks in the concrete casting stage which severely impacts its durability.

This company is established in ec to engage a multifaceted business sectors across on building construction works in our country Ethiopia.

The size of columns varies in size and shape for the auditorium building according to the design. For this project case 1: Be careful not to gouge the structure with the bhi or inserted bar in the process. Two separate ‘Games’ packages were sold; when these are installed, icons are added in the ‘Games’ subfolder. In general, the project manager acts as leader guiding the entire resources to an efficient activityas planner planning within the agreed timeas decision-maker representing the whole site management.

The clock in the bottom bgo corner shows the time and date; the three buttons below it allow the format to be changed between analogue and digital, and the date and time to be set. It requires a coordinated performance among the entire project team in order to completed all building program to fully satisfy a client’s and the building users’ expectations. The three icons in the middle of the screen lead to big.

The following tests were taken at site during construction stage i. Make sure all stones are level. It is a tube that is closed at one end forces the concrete compactly by touching with its chose vibration movement and gets of air bubbles. The auditorium building project has supported by the two types of footings which are isolated footing pads and combined bfi to withstand all loads the building exerted. 5806 of excavation executed in this project There are different types of excavations which are done in this building construction project: During bar quantity determination proper spacing between adjacent bars and to make sure the appropriate elevation difference is kept between negative top and positive bottom 50886.

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The courses taken before focused on theory. Pull the loosened form from the concrete. Theoretical knowledge is dependable on principles, logic and calculations of reality.

internship works | Global Thinking –

Pour the mixed concrete into the trench. The formworks had to be oiled before erection to cast the desired reinforced concrete structure in order to simplify the removal of concrete formwork panels adhering to the form face.

By default, newly-created icons are simple white outlines with text captions. The quantity of cement is measured by weight one bag Derba cement weighed 50 kg and each batch of concrete use one or more whole bags and the quantity of aggregates measured by gauge box in volume according to the specification ratio for each works at site. But concrete cube for testing is done or made on site to check the compression strength of concrete.

Mix concrete with water. The contractor retains responsibility for the quality and correctness of the work and of course has to plan and coordinate the sub-contract inputs, and often supply any necessary materials from the project.

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That procedure was continued until the specified depth reached. He communicates with the office engineers and construction engineer if the design has to be modified and orders the general Forman to make it implemented. Top up the con until it overflows. The Amstrad-branded version opens with a warning that it should only be used on Amstrad computers.

The format is also used for payment asking from the client. Set more large stones after the first pair by astounding the joints between the stones. The types of cement used for all of the structures were Derba cement.