28 Aug create website with our BlueVoda website builder in under 30 minutes no coding or html web page website maker knowledge required with our. 13 Apr TUTORIAL: Creating a Template using a BlueVoda Template Background The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: VodaHost. Step-by-step video tutorials. % Completely Clean. There is NO Spyware or Adware inside of it. BlueVoda Website Builder Tutorials Tutorials are a bunch of.

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Note that these pages are not automatically created —you will have to create them yourself. Regarding blueevoda Form action: Ready to use Java Scripts You have to show it to them.

Using the Border Size menu you can set the size of the border containing thelogo. Saves your active document and requests you to assign a namePublish to it. BlueVoda’s Edit menuBlueVoda’s Edit menu allows you to control the position and relativepositioning, giving you complete control over the design and layout ofyour website.

When naming your websites pages: Ultimately what makes me immensely happy is the look of my website. At this point, use your favorite zip utility program eg.

You can also edit the general layout for the form using the Layout tab. You can also hyperlink the image so that a visitor can click on it and visit another web page.

Watch These Tutorials to Create a Website

Add the relevant details here, noting that when linking to one of your site pages, be sure to refer to itwith an. They say that you can get all the answers to your problems on the Internet. You will be tuutorial to save any pages that you have changed without saving before you quit the program.


Creating an inline frame in BlueVoda It acts as a great platform when you create website for the first time. Double-Click any item to configure or edit its parameters. I blyevoda to live my passion and slowly converted it as a good household business. It comes with a great collection of designs, templates, and background themes. I was able to download it free of cost.

Another important aspect that appealed me was the drag and drop option. I was able to add contents and create website for free. Unless you have any specific requirements, it isrecommended wegsite you can leave it as it is. The oneexception is if you want to do file uploads.

The below five tutorials deal exclusively with Hyperlinking your pages together. Qebsite friendly interface Another important aspect that appealed me was the drag and drop option.

Alternatively, you can add Javascript. View in Bluevpda Report. You can add an Add to Cart button which will allow the visitor to continue adding items to the cartbefore checking out You can add a View Cart button allowing a visitor to review what has already been added. My husband had always appreciated my handicrafts for the sheer creativity and skill involved in it. A personalized logo gives the uniqueness to your website. I realized that BlueVoda website maker is what I needed to ramp up my business.

I blhevoda astonished at the speed and potential of this website maker. After a while, he surprised me of shortcomings in the workflow.

Repeat the same process for all the pages you want huilder hyperlink. Downloading the Installer 7. Press the Edit button to launch the edit box.

BlueVoda Website Builder tutorials

To make room for the new element, just use the mouse to grab whatever elements are in the way anddrag them to their new location.


While you create website by using this website maker you will see many surprises by drag and drop function.

One of the features bkilder website maker is that it comes up with animation tool and flash. We recommend you watch these tutorials thoroughly before you begin to use the software, to make yourself more accustomed to the work-flow.

Thtorial It — How to plan your website. Push Button Add a button to your form.

Subsequently you have full control to edit, resize and move any web element at any time in any way. The name is not case sensitive but you must ensurethat you do not add any spaces in the name. At this point, you can enter your VBScript. I found the website maker templates attractive blurvoda to provide an edge from my completion. Dennis insisted on using this website maker and I agreed.

BlueVoda Website Builder

You can create your own title for your new textbook using the Title: Build Your Site and Be Everywhere If you are going to need a simple one page website or a multi-page responsive website, the website maker by BlueVoda is the tool to have.

Editbox Add an editbox to your form File Upload Add the opportunity for a user to upload a file using your form.

BlueVoda services to create websites are absolutely free. BlueVoda’s Edit Menu