31 Jan I will describe how mantras were used in ancient times. “The brahmastra is similar to the modern nuclear weapon manipulated by atomic. 12 Feb In the case of Brahmastra, when a person is trained how to chant Gayatri mantra for Missile purpose, a person has to gain siddhi on it, and. In ancient Sanskrit writings, the Brahmastra (Sanskrit: ब्रह्‍मास्‍त्र, IAST: Brahmāstra) and its variants the Brahmashirsha astra and the Brahmanda astra.

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It creates an intolerable heat similar to atomic radiation, but the difference is that the atomic bomb is a gross type of nuclear weapon, whereas the brahmastra is a subtle type of weapon produced by chanting hymns. I enjoyed your article very much. If you discharge just a darbha or a blade of grass chanting or muttering the appropriate mantra it will be turned into a weapon.

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We do not realize how powerful vibrations are. April 9, at Can you please quote the mantra which was used to invoke the Brahmastra?

I dont recite the mantra Can brahmastda please give the scriptural source for the Anahata repetition of Gayathri that is claimed in this blog?


Sorry for troubling you. August 23, at 1: So the mantras can not work without a qualified mantra chanter. Ahimsa in the sense of absolute non-violence is a sattvic or deva dharma for people of devic or refined temperament. This site uses cookies. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

June 25, at Then a question arises- why can’t everyone who knows Gayatri mantra release Brahmastra? November 19, at I have been reading stuff.

Mantra Wars and Mantra Weapons

I can remember one incident told to me by my acharya, I don’t know the authenticity since I have not seen the text, but worth to write here to elevate the greatness of Sri Gayatri Mantra. When a sadhaka Warrior meditates and raises his Kundalini, his kundalini Read Brahmastra here in this contextderives energy from his base chakra Mooladhara and propels upwards. Can you say me that how easy or complex the designs according to that book are?

Highlights the great power of the mantram. Nagendra Chemuturi January 29, at 4: Thankfully, these potential weapons do not seem to have been perfected as yet, or such research is cloaked in the highest levels of secrecy. Anonymous April 23, at 3: Lord Caitanya has also stated the same for this age.


Let us not forget the many epic and Puranic stories in which Gods, Goddesses or Avatars fought and defeated the Asuras. This is called shoonya miti-Zero limit. That which protects can also destroy.

Asuras require the danda punishment.

That is allowed in Tantra kind of worship probably. One hour cannot be passed in 30 minutes. It is any sound that we hear in nature or man-made sounds, musical, and non-musical.

If the mantras were recited in particular ways, certain amazing results would take place, including changing the weather, producing certain types of living beings, or even palaces. God is everywhere, around you, inside you also.

Mantra Wars and Mantra Weapons |

When the Russians first started transmitting inthey emitted an eleven hertz signal through the earth. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula April 26, at 1: Hare krishna…Thank you very much sir, for enlightening me a brahjastra almost regularly.

Chanting it differently as indicated above will turn it into a means for destruction. It’s true that gayatri mantra is brahmastra if pronounced in a differant manner. August 5, at 3: