Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: What, forty-four years on, is the future of Spaceship Earth? Ol’ Bu. OPERATING MANUAL FOR SPACESHIP EARTH by Buckminster Fuller. 1. COMPREHENSIVE PROPENSITIES. I am enthusiastic over humanity’s extraordinary. Buckminster Fuller (–) was an architect, engineer, geometrician, and one of Fuller’s most popular works, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is a.

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Klink – – Zygon 27 2: The last chapter alone is worth everyone reading. He was basically a proto-QuantifiedSelfer.

There are some enjoyable parts to this book, but ror author writes as if he is proceeding through a logical argument while doing nothing of the sort. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is a fascinating combination of Fuller’s deep scientific grounding and his philosophical and metaphysical way of looking at the world. Fuller spins ideas in clusters, and clusters of his ideas generate still other clusters.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth – Wikipedia

But, he notes, there must be an enormous educational task successfully accomplished right now to convert man’s tendency toward oblivion into a realization of his potential, to a universe-exploring advantage from this Spaceship Earth. Inconsueto soprattutto il mescolare piani diversi: Jun 14, Jessica rated it liked it. I don’t agree with Fuller that resources are unlimited, but Manial do think this kind of structure would definitely increase what we’re able to produce and how effectively it’s distributed.

We inhabit a closed system called Spaceship Earth, provided wpaceship energy by supply ships we call the Sun and the Moon.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth – PhilPapers

Their naivete alone disproves this book, but their failure drives it home. Brain deals exclusively with the physical, and mind exclusively with the metaphysical.

Fulled attention is given to dead-end sections of argument while points required to establish the author’s case are hand-waved with assertions and false analogies. Ma questo e’ probabilmente un mio limite; dicono che confrontarsi con idee e linguaggi al di fuori della propria comfort zone renda meno rigidi.


I came to this cult ‘classic’ in the fervent hope that it might allow me, finally, to ‘get’ modern environmentalism for which this is a seminal text. My manjal Help Advanced Book Search.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

Speclialization is unnatureal 2. Finally, the analysis of the way that wealth is easily created in war but not in peace is a criticism that stands today of how sovereign ‘piratical’ states have served the interests of their historically continuous institutions far more often than they have of their peoples. States that to take advantage of potential wealth we must give life fellowships to each person who is or becomes unemployed, and states that for everyfellowships given out one person will come up with something so valuable that it will pay for the remaining 99, fellowships.

As a designer and lifelong curious person, this book has been on my must read list ever since learning about the geodesic domes and fullers visions of the future.

Hardcoverpages. In this essay on man Mr.

The preface gave great advice, to read it like a foreign language just forge ahead rather than getting caught up on the word or sentence level and rather just try to extract some context and meaning from the pieces you comprehend. Ultimately I didn’t get much more out of the book than the ideas that 1 we’re on board a spaceship and should treat it as a limited resource and 2 a total is more than the sum of its parts.

Disorder, not order, is the result of these ideas. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Oct 22, Joe Ball rated it it was amazing.

It has been noted that Mr. Admirable for breadth of vision and optimism. Feb 06, Leah Rich rated it really liked it.

Fu A while ago, I read the Communist Manifesto. La tesi di fondo, provando a parafrasare in poche righe, e’ che grazie alle sue capacita’ fisiche e intellettive “meta-fisiche”, etimologicamente; ci si riferisce anche, o soprattutto, all’invenzione tecnologica l’uman Ho letto questo breve saggio perche’ ne avevo sentito parlare, come di un testo molto influente e sarth non sapevo bene di cosa si trattasse.


Fuller spins ideas in clusters, and clusters of his ideas generate still other clusters. The book is well ahead of its time. For example, I don’t think Fu It’s not a perfect book, but it is a necessary one.

Insomma, un breve saggio denso, un po’ ostico, originale e fuori dagli schemi per me consueti, fa riflettere, e rende un po’ piu’ ottimisti riguardo al futuro. This is the world of American technocrats at the height of the Cold Spzceship and it is salutary to remember that the US lost the Vietnam War and that central planning ruined the Soviet Union just as it would no doubt eventually ruin the planet. Something I don’t want to be stifled by Interesting to see how his predictions have or haven’t come true.

Find it on Scholar. Idyllic plans for attempting to rewrite human nature. I didn’t seek this one out for its reputation; rather I just saw this on my parents’ bookshelf and it peaked my interest.

It was a curious experience, as I reacted to Marx’s assessment of society’s condition alternately with “this guy is on point! A historical book worth time, but with some reservations Virtue signaling at its finest.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. I think the overall argument he presents is sound and thoroughly thought-provoking, if one can look past his wacky ideas and wackier ways of expressing them. Self-appointed Platonic Eearth have not had a great record in the humanity stakes. May 30, Paul Bard rated it did not like it Shelves: