The basic difference between Spooling and Buffering is that Spooling overlaps the I/O of one job with the execution of another job while the. Spooling, buffering and caching are terms often used interchangeably to describe this type of resource scheduling, although computer science does differentiate. Data from each process is put on the spool (print queue) and processed in FIFO( first in With spooling, the disk is used as a very large buffer.

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Guffering, buffering and caching are terms often used interchangeably to describe this type of resource scheduling, although computer science does differentiate between them. DanishDreamz on May 11, at 8: Thus, this is the main difference between spooling and buffering. It temporarily stores input or output data in an attempt to better match the speeds of two spoolinf such as a fast CPU and a slow disk drive.

In other words, it uses a buffer to hold jobs for a device until it is ready to accept the job. It is the mechanism of putting data of various Input-Output IO jobs in a buffer.

It can be either a reserved section of main memory or an independent high-speed storage device. Efficient Spooling is more efficient tha buffering.

Before discussing buffering, let us discuss, what is the buffer? Now, as we know the transmission speed of a modem is slow, as compared to the hard disk. Though we knew the terms but telling the difference was tough. The overlapping of suggestions and output of 1 carry out with the rely of the similar course of. Email required Address never made public. Buffering Spooling is great for some sorts of computer tasks, but it’s not appropriate for others.


However, in buffering, the IO operations of one job overlap with the execution of the same job.

A program that performs calculations may put the result of earlier calculations into a memory cache so it can be accessed more quickly.

It is the waiting station to place data while the slower device catches up.

Difference between Spooling and Buffering in OS

Basic Computer Components TechBask: First, there is a device such as a disk in between the high-speed device, which is the card reader, and the low-speed device, which is the printer.

Buffering is also used to hold data temporarily while it’s being moved from one place to another. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Simultaneous peripheral operation onlineacronym for this is Spooling. All three may be used at the same time with the aim of speeding up computer processes. Spooling stands for Simultaneous Peripheral Operations online. The specifics depend on the case.

Internet browsers will cache files that get accessed a lot, and any time you watch a video and hit the “Replay” button, your browser is usually pulling up the copy of the file it downloaded previously, rather than downloading it again.

The buffer is a limited area in main memory while Spool uses the disk as a huge buffer. Watching video on YouTube comes with the expectation that clicking “Play” will cause the video to begin playing immediately. Data is stored in buffer as it is retrieved from one processes or just before it is sent to another process.


When you type on a keyboard, you’re using an input device. Tactical, a board game about space combat. In order to process tasks most efficiently, computer systems use various methods to schedule tasks, speed up calculations and improve Web browsing. There is no direct communication between these two devices. Spooling is also used for sending and receiving email.

In simple words, buffer temporarily stores data that is being transmitted from one place to another. Caching Caching is a high-speed storage system that may be a special, reserved section memory like a buffer or a separate storage device. The disk works as the spooling buffer. It is employed for information, yield, and in some circumstances, impermanent functionality. If you’ve ever wondered why there’s a delay between when you press “Print” and a document coming out of the printer, spooling is why — the computer processes the entire print job into a format the printer can handle and sends it down the serial bus to the printer.

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Spooling, Buffering & Caching—What’s The Difference?? | TechBask

Buffering allows data to be stored temporarily into a reserved area of memory the buffer. Furthermore, it supports multiprogramming.

However buffering is not an acronym. Accessed 31 December The same situation was faced by me and all other 32 students in the room during a lecture when our professor posed this question.