Dr. Ir. Megawati Simanjuntak, MS. Ir. Retnaningsih, MS. Ir. Md Djamaluddin, MSc. Buku Panduan: Ujang Sumarwan. Perilaku Konsumen. Pengertian perilaku konsumen Menurut Schiffman dan Kanuk () dalam buku perilaku konsumen (Ujang Sumarwan, ) yaitu: “Perilaku konsumen. Buku Panduan: Sumarwan, Ujang. Perilaku Konsumen: Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran. Jakarta: PT Ghalia Indonesia.

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Consumer behaviour research consists of three perspective: Perspektif Perlilaku Konsumen dan Marketing Plan. There are three kinds of behavior in relation to goods, services, experiences, and ideas. The need of self means primary need, such as feeling of hunger and thirst. The second order or above the physiological needs there is a need for a sense of security.

He also explained that the marketing concept can be developed more widely, covering efforts to design a product, to realized, promote and deliver goods or services to consumers or companies that need.

Marketing can be a research for businessman, not only to increase profit but also value and as a mirror for itself, compare with competitors. Provide opportunities for business people to develop business to various countries.

Creativity is a word that is emphasized when the first lecture held by Prof. Sumarwan based that behavior consumer is all of activity, action, psychological process an encourage action before buy, buying, use, and spending product and service, after that evaluating them. Because a good product without good sales will cause consumers can not enjoy it. Helping consumers to make decisions wisely.


Assist legislators to draft consumer protection laws. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ujang is his ability in linking theory with experience lecturing his experience. Social needs can include respect, friendship, and belonging.

Motivation according to Schiffman and Kanuk can be described as driving force within individuals that impels them to action. I also interest with traveling like touring, climbing ,mountainering and etc.

Sc as a lecturer in Sumarwwn Management.

This site uses cookies. Ujang each student is asked to write down his definition of marketing.

Mata kuliah Perilaku Konsumen

Pemasaran adalah memahami berbagai kebutuhan para pelanggan dan mengembangkan sebuah proposisi untuk menawarkan nilai yang superior. Department of Statistics http: Departemen Ekonomi Sumberdaya dan Lingkungan. Dengan adanya tiga macam perilaku yang terkait dengan barang, jasa, pengalaman, dan ide. Resume Perilaku Konsumen pertemuan ke How does he remove residual consumption or parts that are not in consume? Value Based Marketing and Marketing Metrics.

A good understanding of consumer behavior.

Life is so short for not exploring your opportunities

Departement of Family and Consumer Sciences www. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This driving force is produced by the state of tension, which exists as the result of an unfulfilled need. Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran. Dodik Nur Rachmat, M. Perspective of Sumarwsn Behavior Research.

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Perspektif Perlilaku Konsumen dan Marketing Plan. Sabtu, 16 September First meeting Consumer Behavior. Sumarwn are commenting using your Twitter account. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! I really hope this study can improve my knowledge of the world of marketing.

The main purpose of communication is to influence the behavior and attitudes of consumers Sumarwan, Impact of good decision-making process.

He explained about the meaning of the concept of marketing. I have many social media, huseintejoprabowo in Instagram, Husein Tejo Prabowo in Facebook, and my email hsntejo31 gmail. Melalui penyediaan nilai pelanggan yang lebih tinggi maka manajemen dapat memberikan dan menghasilkan nilai yang kondumen tinggi pula kepada para pemegang saham.

Moreover, Loudon and Della Bitta defined costumer behavior as the decision process and phisycal activity individuals engange in when evaluating, acquiring, using, or disposing of goods and services.

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