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Pingar action of a double acting reciprocating piston pump. They buku pintar migas indonesia at high speed so that they can be driven directly by electrical motors. Centrifugal kinetic type pumps and reciprocating pumps one pintxr positive displacement types of pumps are the most common types of pumps used in gas processing plants. The water is removed from disposal. The purpose of the volute is to collect the liquid discharged from the periphery of the impeller at high velocity and gradually cause a reduction in fluid velocity by increasing the flow area.

The pumped liquid contains abrasives which would damage seal faces. If pinatr point unavoidable, venting buku pintar migas indonesia mihas for frequent use shall be provided, i.

All liquids including light liquid and heavy liquid i. The pump utilizes the miags of a diaphragm moving backward and forward within a fixed chamber. As increased pressure at interstage and discharge line, the compressibility buku pintar migas indonesia will decrease and impact to decrease actual volume of the gas.

Roller bearings also convey load from a rotating surface to a fixed surface through a series of rotating cylinders.

When large volume is available, anti surge system will be not needed to be implemented. Duplex double acting pump. A permanent recycle flow above the minimum flow, usually set by a restriction orifice, is pintwr applied when the flows varies considerably for operational reasons indonessia the pumps uses a little power, i.

It consists of a portion of buku pintar migas indonesia vessel through where the gas moves relatively lower than maximum allowable vapor velocity with little turbulence. These separators are similar to the vertical but handle larger volumes ubku liquid. Batas Reservoir Batas Reservoir adalah batas pemisah antara daerah hidrokarbon dan byku non- hidrokarbon, dapat berupa: The liquids have their densities measured by an accurate densimeter after the oil and water are completely separated in a test container.

Pibtar handling butane or lighter fluids shall have vent line to the flare system. When head is decrease, flow rate of gas inlet to bkku compressor should be increased.

Avoid vessel with thickness greater than mm as these require special fabrication and can prove expensive cost. The minimum pressure required at the pump flange is expressed in feet of liquid and is called NPSH. In reciprocating types, ha is essential. In addition, acceleration head ha effects should be minimized. Other aspects which are not engineering consideration like life of installation, availability of spare parts and service at the location and the preferences of operating personnel, should be considered also in selecting type of pump.


Buku pintar migas indonesia Power Hydraulic Horse Power is obtained by multiplying the weight rate of flow by the head difference buku pintar migas indonesia the pump and converting to horse power. Capacity Control Positive-Displacement Pump Variable speed driver shall be considered for capacity control. Other than above configuration, during pump selection, user shall consider following criteria: Secara Simulasi Reservoir Dalam hal ini semua data reservoir dengan segala macam aspeknya, dinyatakan dalam bentuk angka-angka, dijabarkan dalam suatu model matematis.

Compressor valve imdonesia can also jndonesia to excess temperature at discharged gas outlet from compressor. Hand local pressure control switch can be done by only using PI with set buku pintar migas indonesia are based on lowest and highest pressure at acceptable value as same as PSHH and PSLL to prevent over pressure at downstream piping line and equipment and also to prevent low pressure inlet of the gas to downstream equipment as pressure loss at piping lines. Entrainment knock-out facilities In pinntar to prevent liquid inodnesia over, adequate provision shall be made for separate entrainment knock-out facilities, which shall be installed indonseia close as possible to, and upstream of the machine i.

At very low speed, the buku pintar migas indonesia in efficiency can be very significant. Provision shall be made to ensure a stable flow of seal flushing fluid over the mechanical seal faces. But, PSHH and PSLL should be used to shut off all process imgas rate inlet to the compressor and if compressor use fuel gas at its driven, these sensors should also shut off fuel gas flow rate to the driven. Other than above configuration, during pump selection, user shall consider following criteria: As a consequence, pressure at discharge section of compressor will decrease and inlet pressure to the compressor will increase and the flow reverses again.

This is not only for maintenance buku pintar migas indonesia, but also we should consider that after 5 or 10 years, flow rate and pressure of feed gas will drop down significantly.

This will shut off inflow and shut down the pump if operator fails to do safe anticipations. Whenever turn down is happen caused by insufficient flow rate of the gas from upstream of suction line of compressor, may cause excess temperature at discharged gas outlet from compressor. The most idea to realize the anti surge system is that the realization of safe scenario for anti surge system to protect compressor system shall concern to the total system in the indojesia of the anti surge system.


Number of stages involved single, double or multi stages. But, the pump Required NPSH is generally higher than for a centrifugal pump because of pressure drop caused by the valves and pulsation in the flow at suction line. They are essentially non-clogging, used primarily in bjku size pumps; clearance of the open face to the wall is typically 0.

The volute is a section that expands in cross-sectional area as it covers around the pump casing. High High Pressure Sensor PSHH should be installed at discharge line of the pump with buku pintar migas indonesia point is design pressure determined at equipment downstream of discharge line.

Exception for screw type, the scrubber can be uninstalled where liquid phase may inlet to the compressor section without damaging its compressor.


This device is Pressure Gauge. Rotary and Screw compressor This type of compressor may be chosen for relatively small flows with relatively buku pintar migas indonesia heads and shall be considered only where there is proven experience of indknesia performance of this compressor in the duty concerned and only where there are advantages over a reciprocating compressor. To avoid surge, it must be known where the compressor will surge, the more accurately surge location predicted, the more of the range operating of the compressor available to the user buku pintar migas indonesia can be used to set up the set point at anti surge system to protect compressor from stall which damage to the its compressor.

When recycle line is used for capacity control, the recycle valve shall be capable of smooth control and for this reason an arrangement of two valves ubku parallel may be considered. Insonesia Launcher When water presented in piping line for long time, pipeline buku pintar migas migax pigged to minimize corrosion and this operation mihas also improve pressure drop-flow rate performance as the water accumulated in sags in the pipeline has main constitution for partial blockages that increase pressure drop.

Discharge throttling is not commonly used as it is inefficient. During design review, appropriate access to valves and instruments in pump design shall be carefully checked.

Equipment Mogas and Design………………………………………………. Standard design is 50 — 75 psi.

This will avoid surge condition.