The chloroform extract of the leaves of Caesalpinia pyramidalis (Caesalpinioidea , Fabaceae) yielded the new biflavonoid named caesalflavone, as well as. Recebido em 17/9/09; aceito em 2/2/10; publicado na web em 18/6/10 The chloroform partition of methanol extract of leaves of Caesalpinia. PDF | The chloroform extract of the leaves of Caesalpinia pyramidalis ( Caesalpinioidea, Fabaceae) yielded the new biflavonoid named caesalflavone, as well as.

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Optical rotations were measured in a Carl Zeiss polarimeter. The flavone unit was identified by the signals at d The 1 H NMR spectrum of 1 also corroborated to propose the biflavonoid structure and the linkage between the flavanone and flavone units.

However, its phytochemical pyramidalls revealed the presence of different chemical caesslpinia, among them polyphenols, like tannins and flavonoids [ 1112 ], that could be considered as the responsible for this bioactivity [ 1617 caesapinia. The in vivo trials on the anthelmintic activity of CP extract showed significant reduction in the mean faecal egg count throughout experimental period Figure 1 a.

The C-6 flavone linkage was also suggested by the shielded peak of the methine carbon C-8 caesalpinnia Goats were traditional grazing under extensive management practices in the Brazilian caesalpinnia region and had naturally acquired gastrointestinal nematode infection, being confirmed prior the experiment beginning by faeces egg count FEC average values before starting the trial G: The anti-Helicobacter pylori activity pyramidalos the ethanol extract of Caesalpinia pyramidalis was performed using the agar-well diffusion and broth microdilution methods.

However, the G4 animals treated with 5. From the chloroform extract trunk wood were obtained the known compounds 4,4′-dihydroxy-2′-methoxychalcone 4syringaresinol 5and methyl gallate. In the study of humoral immune response, antibodies of caesappinia immunoglobulin classes were investigated: This work was carried out in order to find a phytotherapic to help control GIN in small ruminants.


The extract was filtered and lyophilized for bioassay analysis. Despite a significant decline in mean FEC, blood parameters did not change significantly throughout the experiment between any groups. Animals were randomly divided caesalppinia four equal groups. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Services on Demand Journal. Thus, the linkage at C-6 of the flavone unit was established due to the presence of methine carbon signals at d Dry trunk wood 5. An increase in IgA levels was observed in G3 and G4during the experimental period, suggesting that it was stimulated by the extract administration. In addition, should be considered the differences between animals and their susceptibility to nematode infection [ 1516 ].

The chloroform extract of the leaves of Caesalpinia pyramidalis Caexalpinia, Fabaceae yielded the new biflavonoid named caesalflavone, as well as podocarpusflavone A, agathisflavone, apigenin and kaempferol.

For leukocyte counts, similar results were observed in the posttreatment groups and also no significant differences were seen in the eosinophil values in blood when compared to the negative and positive control.

The highest concentrations of IgA were detected in samples from G3 and G4.

Nova27 This response could be partly explained by the CP chemical composition. The HMQC spectrum was elucidative because it was possible to verify the correlations of two hydrogen signals and two carbon resonances each.

There are several species of plants used by traditional communities in the Brazilian semiarid. Although controversial, this is consistent with other experimental findings with helminthes, in which no notable alteration in these parameters was found [ 19 ].

Material and Methods 2.

Caesalpinia pyramidalis | Caesalpinia pyramidalis is common … | Flickr

Thus, this spectrum showed single hydroxyl bounded group signals at d Gastric secretion parameters volume, pH, and total acidity were also evaluated by the pylorus ligated model, and the mucus in the gastric content was determined. Some compounds from C. Moreover, the serum anti- Haemonchus antibody responses presented significant increases in G2 and G3, whereas G4 yielded an average OD of 1.


Similarly, the extract does not appear to have influenced the change of weight in animal groups during the experimental period. On the other hand, the bonded hydroxyl d However, the analysis of HMBC spectrum data for the linkage between the flavonoid units was conclusive. The antiulcer assays were performed using the ethanol- and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-induced caesakpinia models.

Phenolic compounds were also evaluated in vitro for their antimicrobial activity to control pathogenic bacteria [ 41727 ]. Pyramidwlis of constituents Dry trunk wood 5.

Caesalpinia pyramidalis

New York,pp. One of the effects resulting from the extract treatment could be due to the decrease of fecundity of female parasites, which can be explained by the presence of active compounds in this plant extracts. The egg excretion pattern was similar for the positive control G2 and treated groups G3 and G4.

Under the experimental conditions, the results with C. Biflavonoids were not found in trunk wood. Its control based on the use of commercial anthelmintics is no longer considered sustainable due to an increased prevalence of GIN resistance as well pyramidalus chemical residue and toxicity problems [ 2 ].

PCV values did no change during experimental period. A possible explanation of this reduction may be due to the direct effect of CP extract on parasite leading to drop in FEC in natural infected goats. However, the gastroprotective properties of this species have not yet been studied. We were indebted to Prof.