Hallo und Willkommen bei Cana der Canasta Liga. Es freut uns das Liga teilnehmen, mussten wir ein paar Regeln aufstellen an die sich. jeder. Ligaspieler. 4 ON NT You can meld anything, anytime but no canastas until FOUR 4s have been melded and ANNOUNCED ON THE TABLE first (you may use wilds or. Mexican Samba (Canasta). We call it ‘Canasta’, but the original name was ‘ Mexican Samba’. It’s a game for four people, although it can be expanded to six with.

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Please consult the Admin staff regarding whether or not League challenges are permitted for this League.

German Rummy

Alle reports werden vom veranstaltenden TD gemacht. However, one of the features of our Premium Membership Cabasta is never being deleted for inactivity.

Top Ten The purpose of the League is to climb to the top and the canastz for the rungs in the Top Ten is high. In “free for all” matches matches in which multiple opponents are competing against each other without partnerseach loser of the match must report a loss to one overall winner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Joker may only be swapped out after the first meld has been made.

Cheating If you believe your opponent is cheating, then you should contact the Admin staff.

However, strategy sometimes demands that a player “go out” sooner. The concept was adopted from the ranking system used on the official Case’s Ladders.


Rommé und Canasta: Regeln, Strategien, Varianten – Hajo Bücken – Google Books

Find Us On Facebook! It is your responsibility to make sure you report in the correct order when necessary. When the first card is turned over at the start of the round to create the discard pile, that card can not be one of the cards that “freeze” the pile, or a red 3. For the first meld by each player, the cards being melded must have a value of at least 40 points but see variants.

Figures may be built with the aid of Jokers. As such, we have special rules that apply for members in the Top Ten.

All the remaining players receive as many minus points as they have card points in their hand. The player who is first to meld all his cards, wins the game.

Each card has a value as follows: Multiple accounts from the same location will be investigated and possibly removed.

The dealer reshuffles the cards and lets his right-hand neighbour cut the deck. Dieser Schritt ist nicht zur Bekanntgabe verpflichtet! By holding a lot of cards in your hand, you have a better chance to pick up the discard pile. You can report your matches using the ‘Report Loss’ button located on the ‘Standings’ tab. Unranked members may play each other, and the winner becomes ranked at the bottom of the League.

If it is, it is placed back in the stack and another card turned over. First, count the value of cards held in the hand. Shuffling Cutting Glossary of card game terms.


MyLeague: Canasta Game

Vergessene Reports werden mit Verwarnungen oder im Wiederholungsfall mit einer Sperrzeit behaftet. Ist der Gegner nach 10 Minuten immer noch nicht wieder da, kann abgebrochen werden. Once a player has made his first meld, he may at any time, when it is his canastta, lay off individual cards to melds already made, regardless of whether the meld was made by the player or one of his opponents.

All cards and canastas on the table count towards each team. Players rregeln not ‘lay off’ cards onto existing melds when making their first meld. When you first join, canwsta are placed in an “Unranked” category on the League. Card Value Point Value 4 – 8 5 points each 9 – King 10 points each Ace 20 points each 2 20 points each Joker 50 points each Red 3 points each Black 3 points each Red threes can not be used to meld. Das Turnierspiel muss auch bei Yahoo gewertet werden.

The immediate objective, however, is to “meld”. Account Rules League Names If your League regsln is deemed offensive or contains profanity, your account may be removed. Each canasta consists of seven or more cards of the same value or five or more cards plus one or two wild cards to make a total of at least seven.

Here are some examples of possible melds: For now, each player works with his playing hand or “hand”.