Cfengine Reference Manual. Auto generated, self-healing knowledge. Documentation for core version Contains Nova extensions at version Active agent – responsible for maintaining promises about the state of your system (in CFEngine 2 the agent was called cfagent). You can run cf-agent manually. Welcome! This is the documentation for CFEngine Parts of the Language Reference. describes syntax and how to manage and tweak CFEngine itself.

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Bundles for serverPrevious: Function getuidUp: Testing as a non-privilieged userPrevious: Function grepUp: Function hostsseenPrevious: Function getusersPrevious: Function peerleadersPrevious: Testing as a non-privilieged userUp: Server normal orderingPrevious: Commenting linesPrevious: Function hostrangeUp: Upgrading from CFEngine 2Up: Monitor normal orderingUp: Bundles for monitorPrevious: Runaway change warningUp: Monitor normal orderingPrevious: Normal orderingPrevious: Function parsestringarrayPrevious: Core conceptsUp: Function lsdirUp: Function isvariableUp: Hard classesUp: Function getuidPrevious: The bare necessities of a CFEngine 3Previous: Function getvaluesPrevious: List variable substitution and expansionUp: Function ip2hostPrevious: Function onPrevious: A simple crash courseUp: Function laterthanUp: Monitor normal orderingPrevious: Function agoUp: Function ldapvalueUp: Other users than rootPrevious: Name spacesUp: Function lastnodePrevious: Variable expansion in CFEngine 3Up: Control PromisesPrevious: Class combination operators and precedenceUp: Function escapePrevious: Function hashmatchPrevious: Function randomintUp: Function isvariablePrevious: Function irangeUp: How to run CFEngine 3 examplesUp: Function islessthanPrevious: Function classmatchPrevious: Key exchangeUp: