DECLARATION prohibited by legislation or by postal or customs regulations CN Commercial sample. Size 74 x mm, white or green. Quantity and. In this guide we’re going to be talking about has ship orders with royal mail that requires cm22 customs form please know this video only covers items worth . A Customs Declaration (CN22) is a customs document, used during international trade activities when goods are being transported overseas.

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Take command of your online orders Instead of having orders scattered all over the from and sorting them manually for shipping — Zenstores brings everything into one place.

All your orders A complete, up to date view of all your orders from all your stores. There are two types, namely CN22 and CN What is Free Alongside Ship? Get our superpowered newsletter!

If your goods are being transported outside of the EU and have a value up to Euro you must attach a signed and dated CN There’s also a text-only option, and even a custom label option upload your own label, set each part position, etc. Do you have any questions about selling overseas?

What is Cost and Freight? Carl Coysh from LiveMoor. To prevent Customs clearance delays, complete the declaration in English, French or in a language accepted in the destination country. Franklin June 24, – 3: You can get a CMR template from: For each of these, the position of each part of the label is set in the template, but is adjustable if needed.


The nature of the goods including a detailed description and value The country of origin. Get a quote online using the Royal Mail Price Finder. Toggle navigation Try Zenstores for free. Forwarders How it works Become a forwarder All forwarders Parcl reviews.

How to fill out the Customs declaration

Can autoCN22 filter countries that don’t need the label? Useful presets that work out-the-box autoCN22 has preset templates to ship from these countries: Craft fair inspiration — big ideas for small Explore hundreds of online stores that you can shop with the help of Parcl forwarders. This forwarder provides excellent service, and he’s extremely professional.

What is Delivered At Terminal? Save time dispatching orders and grow gorm business.

The sender needs to check the regulations applicable to each category and discuss them with the recipient, since choosing an incorrect category may result in extra Customs fees. Check rates and delivery days Calculate by destination, type of articles and weight.

Have a specific question?

Customs Declaration Form

Alternatively, you could temporarily remove the CN23 label and make copies of it. The labels themselves can be resized and nudged to exactly fit whatever you’re printing on.

It contains information about: Handmade Ceramic Bowl — Mecki Allen. Provide a detailed description of the contents, including the name, price, unit price and total customw.

Print CN22 & CN23 customs forms faster | Zenstores Features

Most of the legislation is only there to keep people safe. What is a Customs Declaration CN22? Under Customs law, importer is legally responsible for the information on the declaration; therefore it is in their interest to ensure, wherever possible, that the sender abroad completes the declaration accurately and in full. Provide customer service that sends out from the crowd, whilst saving time and money.

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This includes anything new or used that the recipient: Get started in minutes. It also slows the packing process, as they need to verify if each order needs a label, what values they need to write down, etc. We can trade freely with other EU members and you do not need to complete a customs form or worry about customs duties. Correctly specify the package contents category. The aim here is to be able to auto-attach a Customs Label for overseas fkrm, where the parent country doesn’t need one eg.

Why not join in, or leave a comment below. No more panic-writing with the Post Office about to close. Whatever you are selling within the EU it must meet EU safety regulations, so before you sell anything you need to double check how to comply with EU c22. This depends on where and what you are sending and the value. English Translation of Article Names.

This guide is useful — Product Safety for Manufacturers. Comments are off this post. When sending packages overseas, fill out one of the forms with a detailed description of the contents, including the name, quantity and price of each item and affix or attach it to the package. If you use Parcl to fill formm the Customs declaration, you may download and print out the completed CN22 and CN23 forms.