3 Nov Free Essay: CORAL DIVERS RESORT Business Description Coral Divers Resort (Coral) is acting since 10 years on the niche industry of a. analysis for coral divers case study Based on the Five Forces Analysis, we can determine that the scuba diver resort industry exists in an intensely competitive. Coral Diver’s Case 1) Improving operational efficiency (largely cutting costs) Up divers by specializing in shark diving Strength’s: turn coral divers resort into a.

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Coral Divers Resort Case Study

The recent surge in airfares and the changing demographics are potential could reduce the customer base of diving resorts. The rivalry is really intense; the additional services offered by the hotels for additional revenues makes the competition even harder.

divsrs There are opportunities in the diving industry to find a unique niche market adventure diving, family oriented resort for Coral Divers and gain a competitive edge that will lead to an increase in its revenues like providing additional service to customers eg picking and taking clients to the airport and other educational services about scuba diving which requires less capital expenditure.

The driving forces has the potential of leading to greater industry profitability due to the increase in the number of active high paying divers. CDR should reduce its depreciation expense since the resort is not fully booked in the low rental seasons of the year.

This poisonous doral feeds upon the coral, and although this should be a healthy and natural part of the ecosystem, the population stuudy of the starfish have caused devastation in many.


Coral Divers Case Analysis by Cassie Cline on Prezi

The driving forces are likely to increase in the future, there has been increase in the population of scuba divers in the last 20 years and the economy is recovering from the last meltdown.

Coral reefs also provide valuable knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals Cora, Reef Network, Acanthaster planci on the Great Barrier Reef words – 16 pages Acanthaster planci on the Great Barrier Divrs The organism Acanthaster planci, commonly known as the crown of thorns starfish, has a drastic effect on the health of coral reefs all over the world, including the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Will the driving forces lead to higher or lower industry profitability? There are also natural underwater dive spots which are ideal for tourists looking for reef or drop off dives. The profits of the industry is limited, there is higher competition, and the scuba diving industry entering into the maturity phase.

One of the strengths of moving to New Providence would be the large tourist population that gathers there.

Turner, “The dynamics of zooxanthellae populations: The company financials cannot support any expansion for family oriented resort with the company being over leveraged with little cash and liquidity.

The weaknesses of moving to New Providence Island would be the high costs of land and operations. Send the diverrs below via email or IM Copy.

This plan also has weaknesses. Hawaii is a great example of aquatic based tourism, being home to many natural coral reefs; it is a hotspot for divers from all over the world. Please log in to add your comment.

Coral Divers Resort Case Analysis Essay Example for Free

Corao Five Forces Analysis Supplier Power The supplier power is minimal, the stjdy is service based and is vertically integrated. Mexican Environment Sacrificed To Tourism words – 7 pages kicking up sand and silt that will choke out the coral Williams. Send this link to let others join your presentation: If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. An estimated one billion people have a dependence on coral reefs for food and a dependence from the jobs and income the reefs provide.


Coral Divers Resort Case Analysis Essay

Coral reef skeletons also provide a substitute for bone in. Corporate Social Responsibility Essay. Constrain to simple back and forward steps.

Service and amenities provision to customers is really important. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot!

Is the resource competitively superior? Get inspired and start your paper now! This creates issues around controlling stake in the company when more debt is added to the company. This could have drastic affects on the future of the oceanResearchers in the tropical pacific noted in late June of ’97 an increase in water temperature.

The continued harm to these reefs would certainly decrease the amount of tourism in the area and decrease the economy of the Caribbean nations. Scuba diving trips to Bahamas tend to be luxury items and therefore it is more likely people would travel during good economic conditions, the diverrs of disposable income people have and the weather condition.