Two aspects of professional work create the special management challenges of the professional service firm. First, professional services involve a high degree. Managing The Professional Service Firm by David H. Maister – International expert and consultant David Maister offers a brilliant and accessible guide to every. Managing The Professional Service Firm has ratings and 48 reviews. Pavel said: Очень толковая книга. Будет полезно прочитать и тем, кто не работает .

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> Managing the Professional Service Firm

So managing expectations keeps client satisfaction achievable by preventing a letdown. However, the savings in costs incurred by the firm in delivering this customization are not all shared profesdional the client if, indeed, any are. Let us maistwr our analysis on the basis of constant year 0 dollars, to remove the effect of inflation.

A Service Quality Program. Grey Hair projects, while they may require a highly customized “output” in meeting the clients’ needs, involve a lesser degree of innovation and creativity in the actual performance of the work than would a Brains project.

Note that this result tends to happen in most professional service firms regardless of whether fir firm has an up-or-out policy. Useful for my career. In its style, it reminds me of Porter’s Competitive Strategy in that it is fairly dry yet lucid and convincing in making its points.

Managing The Professional Service Firm

Aug 15, Deniss Ojastu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pretty readable for how dense it is, but it still took me a few months to finish. In turn, the firm sells its knowledge, its experience, and its judgment. Oct 28, Drew rated it really liked it. Simply mnaaging, every professional firm must satisfy these three goals of “service, satisfaction, and success” if it is to survive.


Why is this so? Written 20 years ago but still applicable to any professional services firm. On the flip side, the client must perceive that your work is valuable and of high-quality.

Managing The Professional Service Firm by David H. Maister

Jan 28, Sean added it. No one is expected to bill percent of each’s available time. Most individuals that join professional firms do so out of the desire for professional challenge and variety and the avoidance of routine and repetition.

Making the Network Work. Consider what will happen if a firm brings in a mix of client work such that its “proper” staffing requirements would be for a slightly higher mix of juniors, and a lesser mix of seniors than it has i. Responsibility dwvid the organization’s three primary tasks is allocated to these three levels of the organization: Because of the date it was writtenand the fkrm that it was really a compilation of articles written a few years earlier than that, the majority of the employees at that time were boomers, who were very loyal to their job, and desired to work their whole career for one employer.

So happy to be done with this book!

Maistfr our expectation or policy is to promote 80 percent at this level, we will, indeed, promote four out of the five to fill our four available slots. Partners or shareholders can routinely earn a surplus value from the juniors without having to “repay” them in the form of promotion. Among the eight middle-level staff, we may assume that, since it takes four years to make senior, one quarter of them i. I was looking for a good book about how a professional services profwssional operates.

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Apart from requiring a lesser commitment of time from the experienced seniors, this device serves the admirable purpose of training the juniors.

Proudly powered by WordPress. Maister draws the distinction between quality work and quality service. Per-partner profits have not increased! I typically don’t enjoy reading books that have to do with work but this book provided some insight that is very useful in managing a professional services firm. Patterns in Partner Compensation. If the firm can find a way to deliver its services with a higher proportion of juniors to seniors, it will be able to achieve lower service delivery costs.

The Practice Development Package. Maister, one of the world’s leading authorities on the management of professional service firms, is the author of several successful books, including Managing the Professional Service Firm, True Professionalism, and Practice What You Preach, and coauthor of The Trusted Advisor.

Each chapter provides a solid introduction into the most important aspects of firm management, from practice-building to compensation to how to lead other professionals.

If promotion opportunities are to be maintained, then two will be promoted i. Drawing on more than ten years of research and consulting to these unique and creative companies, David Maister explores issues ranging from marketing and business development davjd multinational strategies, human resources policies to profit improvement, strategic planning to effective leadership.

Great book if you are working in the professional consulting services sector. He focuses a lot of effort on people issues – hiring the right staff and then growing them into the professionals you need.