1 Sep Mainframe DB2 UDB Admin Interview Questions, FAQs. Answer: Both online and offline are there, online reorg allows other transaction to. A free inside look at DB2 Database Administrator interview questions and General DB2 LUW DBA questions, if you know DB2LUW you will do fine. 1 Answer. 1.) Define DB2. DB2 is a Database Management System for the MVS Operating System where, DB2 is a subsystem of MVS Operating System. 2.) What is the.

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Which DB2 command is used to retireve environmental information? What is a synonym? Node catalog IP address and port I.

DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers

How can transaction design affect performance? Describe the components of a table that are needed to establish referential integrity between two tables. An example of assigning the OFF value is: Questuons page can be considered as a unit that is capable of retrieving data from the database. Can I import a file of extension WSF?

DB2 Database Administrator Interview Questions

What is meant by repeatable read? What is a composite index and how does it differ from a multiple index? What is the self-referencing constraint?

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How can you see all the connected processes running against the database? As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. What is an asychronous write?

Nope ;-0 first level IBM Team only does it!! What is referential integrity?

Interview Questions: db2 udb dbA Interview Qustions

Your comment could not be posted. Which catalog tables stores referential constraints?

Vertical portioned tables Whats snow flow schema?? Intervirw can the SET option of the repair Utility accomplish?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What is an inner join, and an outer join? What is meant by index cardinality?

The log files display a summary of the resource demands for each memory consumer for each tuning interval. YES if it is still in dynamic package cache. Server physical and swap virtual memory, disk storage amount and typeand number and type of processors. Having trouble reading this image? How is the status of a utility reset after it has wuestions stopped by DB2? What is a NULL value? Usually, which is more important answrs DB2 system performance Is there any advantage to denormalizing DB2 tables?


What is the purpose of the DSNC transaction? If db2start is taking a long time, what should you do?

How many sub queries can you combine together? What is a clustered index?

The primary use of DCLGEN comes during the pre-compilation phase where it helps in detecting the misspelt column names. What is the error code for Unique Index Violation? What is correlation names?

What is the Manimum number of characters that a tablename can have? Defines the maximum number of memory pages used for private sorts or the maximum number of shared memory pages to be used for shared ports.

If Solaris Cluster, ask relevant questions. What is an alias?