The latest version of De Bellis Antiquitatis, or DBA for short, is version and is available in a page hardback. What is this latest version about and what will . Buy De Bellis Antiquitatis Version 1st by Phil Barker and Sue Laflin-Barker ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. DBA was the first game in the DBx series, which now includes DBM (a more complex version of DBA), HOTT (a fantasy version), and DBR (a renaissance.

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To resolve combat, each player throws one dice and adds modifiers for both troop type and battlefield situation such as being outflanked or up hill. The higher roll wins the combat and bells are applied immediately, before the next combat is decided.

Each army consists of twelve troop elements. That said, these ratios are often changed depending on the size of battle being modelled. If you would like to add your opinion to this webpage, use the following form or send email to the editor.

A major change to DBA 3. Soon armies in my then local gaming group were being formed to refight the battles of Alexander the Great or those of the Wars of the Roses and the Norman Conquest all of which seemed unachievable before DBA as hundreds of figures needed to be collected and painted. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: We can get games done in a typical gaming session – including the normal badinage between and during games.

In the event of a tie at the end of bound, play continues until the end of a bound where one player has lost more than the opponent. Period BC to AD.

De Bellis Antiquitatis | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

To this you add terrain pieces. Each army is composed of 12 elements stands.

antiquitats It also lets one play around with many armies that one would never otherwise play with. Many gamers perceived that this increased complexity came at a cost in playability. This site uses cookies. Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October The width of the base depends upon the scale of figures being used; the depth depends upon both figure scale and type.


Wargaming should be fun, and these rules enable us not to lose sight of that fact.

This is not so in HOTTs. Due to the nature of DBA’s combat system, DBA is often criticized as being over-“geometric”, as elements are matched up in precise ways, and base widths must match up with some precision. Changes belois rear rank support to provide greater consistency with historical depths. Retrieved from ” https: Back inwhen first released, DBA took the wargaming community by storm.

Ancient & Medieval Wargaming

Hopefully this short primer on Antiquihatis 3. One turn represents 15 minutes. Ancient wargaming was revolutionised. I can teach a newbie the game in about minutes. Players then alternate bounds. The De Bellis Societatis Antiquorum ruleset was designed as a “tonic for the jaded” with the goal of providing a fun, fast and challenging game and as an alternative to the WRG series of ancients rules.

Antiquitati number of figures per base also depends upon the figure’s type. After using a number of antiqiitatis and in-house revisions of commercial Ancients wargames rules for nearly 30 years, I welcome DBA as giving the era new life for me. PIPs simulate though not model the difficulties of command and control during a battle, and players find antiquiyatis once battle is joined, they often need to spend all of their available PIPs shoring up their battle line, with few PIPs left over for maneuver of un-engaged elements.

Revised threat zones to requiring greater consideration of reserves. A game usually lasts less than an hour, so that a six round convention competition can be completed in one day and still leave plenty of time for visiting the trade stands. Not having a point system, some armies frankly are better and will generally win.

De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA)

DBA traces its origin back to a two-page experimental set of rules by Phil Barker dubbed De Bellis Societatis Antiquorum that was demonstrated at the Society of Ancients after whom these experimental rules were named conferences anttiquitatis and This article needs additional citations for verification.


In the basic game the 12 elements represent the major combat groupings of an army. This short description will, I hope, explain a few aspects of the rule book and be useful for those that are new to DBA or those familiar with earlier versions.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. The current version involved many players giving the author advice to improve the format and readability. Now in 3rd edition. The drawbacks have mainly to do with the sizes of the armies. Though the exact details differ in different editions of the game, in the current version players roll dice antiquitatos determine who will be the invader antiqiutatis who will be the defender.

Complete with clearer diagrams DBA 3. The defender uses a random process to place terrain according to his army’s home territory, and the invader chooses which side his army will enter the board. Many of the improvements in the various editions of DBA have been to address geometric aniquitatis and “millimetrics”. The rules themselves include many enhancements designed to streamline play, reduce gamesmanship and to ensure DBA both produces a realistic simulation of Ancient and Medieval warfare but also blelis enhanced the game.

At the start of each bound, the antiquitatks player dices for “PIPs”. DBA can give a “feel” for the period being played, but if you want more complexity in the game – to cover morale, training etc – then why not try DBM?

De Bellis Antiquitatis | Ancient & Medieval Wargaming

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Antiqutatis is about fighting battles, not skirmishes; it just uses fewer miniatures to achieve this. I’ve been playing DBA for some time now, and feel that the basic system is excellent for an hour’s enjoyment that does not result in the interminable arguments that seem to mar so many other, more complicated, rulesets.