According to DIN EN maintenance is a “combination of all technical to DIN time schedules, personnel placement and work cycles. Fundamentals of maintenance – DIN It divides maintenance commpletely into basic elements and defines terms which, together with the terms of DIN EN. DIN Fundamentals of maintenance. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National Standard), 09/01/ View all product details.

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The size of the brake angle should not be greater than max. Start of the fault, type of fault, range where the fault occurs.

If the theory and the good will …. The movement accuracy of the tappet under load with a forced stroke can be determined by means of a high-speed camera. Defective compression springs lead to increased wear on the friction linings. And this again leads to an increased wear on the linings and unnecessary costs. Repairs of which the scope is known and where the schedule can be planned are handled and carried out by the maintenance team. The work to be carried out at short notice, interference suppression and unscheduled repairs are handled dij the maintenance department.

A machine that is too small is constantly overloaded while an overly large machine is uneconomically produced. Measures for restoring a viewing unit to a working condition Improvement: The precision behavior of presses must be designed to be functional.

The order is made by telephone or by the direct response of an employee. The monitoring of the conditions of components and machines helps maintenance in the performance of their tasks.

The responsibility of each individual employee for the machines and plants is diin strengthened. The maintenance team supports the production staff in their tasks and becomes knowledge through training To strengthen the importance of this work.


Each machine stop must be used to carry out preventive maintenance.

There are the following differences in work instructions in maintenance. Despite all automation with robots, sensors and actuators and modern controls, they are always dependent on humans for maintenance purposes.

DIN – Seite 4 – Instandhaltung-Maintenance-Wartung

The machine operators know the machines and care for it. Stopping times are generally to be used for preventive maintenance measures. Destructions are carried out by the personnel of the production or by the maintenance staff. Featuring parallelism between table and ram parallelism error 7.

Elastic deformation of the guide or machine 3101. His ability to diagnose, his expertise and knowledge are important in order to react quickly.

Supervision of third-party service providers is ensured by the maintenance team. Investments in a preventive maintenance, which can work well organized and structured, is very well spent money. The message will appear immediately after the fault occurs And contains the start time and fault image of the fault. Top the frame during the working stroke 5. Unbalanced mass-moment weight compensation. By analyzing data and processes, the procedures in the maintenance are constantly improved.

Fundamentals of maintenance

What should be done — Description of the measures-Photo-documentation-visualization-marking. The core business is the maintenance of production. Working surfaces are locked-WZG bends through. This means that the machine running time can be positively influenced by maintenance. A pilot must pass through his checklists before each flight and thus ensure that we arrive well and recovered.

The work of third-party service providers is subject to warranty and warranty claims are additionally secured. The employees of the production are supported by the maintenance at all measures and questions lubricatin-part- 1. Manufacturers and service providers with service or maintenance contracts are part of the maintenance team Together with a maintenance schedule week-month-yearin which the maintenance intervals, inspections and deadlines are recorded.


Various systems are used to prevent the clutch and the brake from interacting with each other. The completion of a repair is reported back to the departments and the work is carried out by the department managers. We are able to simplify the maintenance of the production by means of routine catalogs, thus ensuring an economical performance of simple maintenance and inspection work. The basis for a functioning maintenance is a maintenance documentation.

Zum Inhalt springen Schlagwort: All planned work of the maintenance is planned over the entire range in order to ensure the most effective maintenance possible.

During the planned set-up work, some of the maintenance and inspections can be carried out on the machines eg lubrication work, checking the set points etc. Angularity of the ram movement to the fixed press table. The necessary materials, spare parts, the allocation of personnel as well as the provision of the necessary work documents and information are defined and described in the work plan.

The lining of friction linings must maintain a 3105 coefficient of friction, high abrasion resistance, stable and flexible, environmentally friendly and health-neutral and generate a low noise level. Thus, parts of the building technology, the infrastructure, and e. Combination of all technical and dim possibilities as well as management measures to stabilize and increase the functional safety of a viewing unit without changing the required function.

Maintenance maintains and inspects the system in routine intervals and can react specifically to faults and machine failures. Measures for restoring a viewing unit to a working condition.