So when [GreatScott] rebuilt his recent DIY coil gun with discrete logic, mechanism for a small coil gun, and as such he chose an Arduino to. How to Make a Coilgun. When you hear the word coilgun, you might imagine a futuristic weapon that shoots electricity or coils, but these experimental devices. A coil-gun uses a magnetic field to accelerate a bullet up to projectile speed. Jason’s uses a bank of recycled rechargeable laptop batteries to.

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Destruction begins around 2: You will receive a very painful shock. I have spent way too much time reading over TI flavor of the week dev boards under the thinking that they were better for my small project than an arduino for what ever reason only to discover small bits of errata far to late, and see that TI has dropped support of the board by the time I get around to reusing the board for something else.

Dyi that safety always comes first when building and experimenting with high voltage and ballistics. Did this article help you? This guide is only for the technically advanced!!

Electromagnetic Coil Gun Project

To prevent the two halves of the cores from touching when they are in place, three air gap spacers need to be constructed. For more information on coil guns, click here.

Cut two identical pieces of plastic or aluminum and add support pieces of one inch square aluminum tube. If you use a momentary duy switch, make sure that it is normally open. The beauty of that circuit is that you can keep adding stages to it, or intermediate delays by just adding one more and repeating the same. The accelerator coil creates an electromagnetic pulse that launches the projectile down the barrel.


DIY Coil Gun Redux: Life Really is Easier with Arduino | Hackaday

If it doesn’t stay still, use glue to glue it in place while you coil it. An interesting story was printed in the November issue of Popular Science about an electric machine gun.

If you want to design the whole thing with something else, do it and post a video on youtube yourself. Thanks for letting us know. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Bend the metal and make a body out of that. Hot glue Gun-like case I find a great case for everything is a soldering “gun”. You’re ready to try it. The microcontroller is generally faster to implement, less complicated for implementation, and generally less expensive to implement, especially in a commercial design, and easier to change when correcting bugs or adding features.

Results may vary, but I was able to launch small metal screws into a piece of styrofoam from about ten feet:. Three of the different projectiles that I have used with success are shown in Figure The Tools Soldering iron Hot glue gun Wire cutters Exacto knife Screw drivers depending on your disposable camera and your soldering iron, you could need Phillips or Flat The Procedure Build the transformer circuit using the schematic below, or follow these instructions on how to make the circuit if following the instructable guide, replace the film capacitor used with the one from your camera circuit.

The length of these wires may be different, depending on what type of stock you decide to build. Start by numbering the bobbin posts from 1 to 8 in the positions shown in Figure 3.

The current passing through the primary winding induces a magnetic field in the iron core causing it to produce a current in the secondary turns and feedback eight turns windings. The completed accelerator coil, barrel, and breech loading mechanism are shown in Figure Chained Lightning Master the Power: Sorry, what exactly coiogun your point?


The objective of this project is to design and construct a portable, self-contained electromagnetic coil gun. I used quite a few diiy For more information about the research going on at the University of Texas, visit their website at www.

To increase the power of your coil gun, follow this guide Note: It makes numbers much clearer, and I know lots of people who are not German who write like that. If you decide to fabricate your own projectiles, then experiment with different sizes and weights until you find one diu works well.

This is to avoid getting shocked.

Solder a 12 inch piece of high voltage wire to the positive side of the capacitor bank and a six inch piece of HV wire to the negative side of the capacitor bank as shown in Figure 9.

We’re not even sure where this battery-powered projectile slinger falls with respect to your state’s gun laws, but perhaps the best advice we can offer is what’s plastered to the side of the coilgun’s receiver: Next, extract the capacitor from the camera circuit and place it coilgu for later.

I suggest setting up all of the electronic components on your workbench to calibrate the gun before assembling all of the parts into the stock. The other two wires the other capacitor wire and the other coil wire will be connected whenever you turn on the coilgun.