TRANSITION FROM DEVELOPMENT TO PRODUCTION. (Includes Change 1 Dated 13 Feb 89). SEPTEMBER Assistant Secretary of Defense Acquisition. This Manual is issued under the authority of DoD. Development to Production,” January 19, It. DOR M. Directive provides. , “Transition from. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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The TQM boards are relatively permanent, while the 4245.7-j improvement teams are more problem and process oriented. An interdisciplinary course, it covers current DoD initiatives and their impacts in the areas of technical, financial, and acquisition policy. Robust design, or desensitizing manufacturing variation, is heavily stressed.

The Product Nonconformance Reduction policy reduces costs and delaysincurred from rejecting contractor products by setting objectives for contractors to reduce or eliminate nonconformance and promote continuous quality improvement.

Commitment entails more than new policies, directives, letters, and speeches. Competent, dedicated employees make the greatest contributions to 42245.7-m and productivity. TQM integrates fundamen- tal management techniques, existing improvement efforts, and technical tools under a disciplined approach focused on continuous process improvement.

DoD M – FISMApedia

Major causes may include: Negotiate changes after contract award. Having the discipline to work on TQM day after day so it becomes a new way of life is the key factor for success.

A proven approach to implementation is to begin the improvement process with senior management and subsequently cascade the goals, values, structure, and training established and adopted at upper levels to succeeding levels.


Determine who to benchmark – companies, organizations, or groups. QFD provides the framework for the cross-functional teams to work within.

Total Quality Management A Guide For Implementation

SPC is an effective tool for improving performance of any process. A technique similar to brainstorming. Identify the causes of these major costs. Provide business incentives, not necessarily financial, to encourage better contractor quality performance. Structured to focus on problems, not people; to open lines of communication; to ensure participation; and to tolerate conflicting ideas.

Delbecq, Van de Von andGustafson. The contractor should have a tailored plan for CP 2 addressing: Finally, corrective action is taken to resolve the problems and improve a process.

When you know where you stand with respect to your competitors, you can target various processes for improvement How: Create a cumulative distribution for the number of items and elements measured and make a bar and line graph. This guide provides a seven-step sequential model that will lead to continuous performance improvement.

Selected guest lecturers from government, the defense industry, and commercial industry discuss TQM applications and problems unique to the DoD. The chart displays the relative contribution of each cause to the total problem. Even at this level, one would only expect 1 good unit out of every 15 units for a product composed of 1, parts.

If they do not, blind adherence to specifications can easily become counterproduc- tive. IMIP will increase industrial competitiveness, reduce lead times, and increase effectiveness of research and development, procurement, and logistics. A significant philosophical point is that cost of quality increases, not only when the product is outside of specifications, but also when the product falls within specifications but deviates from target values.

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This cycle is repeated indefinitely, resulting in a continuous quality improvement process. Apply statistical techniques may need a statistical specialist. Each TQM element is institutionalized by implementing a structured approach to continuous process improvement through training at each level, starting with top manage- ment.

The templates of the Transition and Best Practices Manuals are used to identify the most frequently encountered risks and to describe the attributes and characteristics of a low-risk program. However, variations in parameters do contribute to higher costs of quality and lower reliability. All internally imposed rules, regulations, and conventions are subject to critical examination and challenge.

Such a design is said to be a robust design because it has been desensitized to manufacturing variation. Data used to understand and continuously improve processes.


Change 1 to DoD Taken together, infrequent innovations and continuous improvement result in superior productivity gains. A bar chart in which the bars are arranged in descending 445.7-m, with the largest to the left Each bar represents a problem cause.

The optimum effectiveness of TQM results from an appropriate mix of the social and technical systems.