29 Dec DoD R – Information Security Program – has been replaced with DoDM Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4. Search “” on the DTIC site. 24 Feb DoD R has been reissued as a new Manual. Department of Defense Manual Number , Volumes 1 through 4 have been. 2 Apr (a)) and DoD Instruction (DoDI) (Reference (b)), is to reissue DoD R. (Reference (c)) as a DoD manual (DoDM) to implement.

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These guidelines are authorized for use by the Archivist of the United States and with the approval of the Secretary of Defense, 5200.-1r any agency having custody of the information covered by the guidelines. IH-2 Systematic Review Guidelines. The date or event for automatic declassification or for review for declassification; 5.

Serious damage Secret material ; and 3. Persons xod previously occupied policy making positions to which they were appointed by the President, may not remove classified information upon departure from office as do such material must remain under the security control of the U. Minimize access to data fields necessary to accomplish an employee’s task-normally, access shall be granted only to those data elements fields required for the employee to perform his or her job rather than granting access to the entire database.

Tailor 5200.1-d to the type of system, the nature of the information involved, and the specific threat to be countered. 52001-r current survey has been made of on-hand security storage equipment and classified records, and 2. Such plans shall provide for emergency destruction to preclude capture of dkd material when determined to be required. New material that derives its classification from a classification guide issued prior to December 1, that has not been updated to con- form with this Regulation shall be treated as follows: The threat and vulnerability study should include, as a minimum, the following data, classified if appropriate: Where possible, action also should be taken to regain custody of the documents or material which were compromised.

Each notice shall specify the authority for the downgrading or declassification action, the date of the action, and the storage unit to which it applies.

Such additional markings shall not serve as the sole basis for continuing classification of the documents or material to which the markings have been applied. The office of 5200.1-rr of the derivatively classified document; 3.

The overall classification of the document see para ; 4. If continued classification is required under the provisions of this Regulation, the requester shall be aotified of the reasons therefor.

Components are to ensure that all PII not explicitly cleared for public release is protected according to Confidentially Level Sensitive, as established in DoD Instruction Industrial, Educational and Commercial Entities. Subpart Doe by Individuals. III-l Declassification by the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office If the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office, General Services Administration, determines that information is classified in violation of Executive Orderthe Director may require the activity that originally classified the information to declassify it.


Heads of DoD Components may issue supplementary instructions or directives necessary to provide for the internal administration of this Regulation within their respective Components. Handle as though classified: A current listing by title and inization of officials designated to exercise original Top Secret jsification authority shall 5200.-r maintained by: Members of Congress, by virtue of their elected positions, are not investigated or doc by the Department of Defense.

That a compromise of classified information did not occur or that the compromise could not reasonably be expected to cause identifiable damage to the national security. The higher of these markings shall be inscribed at the top and bottom of each such document. Naval surface noncombatant dox operating in hostile areas when not accompanied by a combalant vessel; 4.

Information Security Supplement to DoD R

Prior to implementation, these procedures shall be reviewed and approved by the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office. Preliminary drafts, carbon sheets, plates, stencils, steno- graphic notes, worksheets, typewriter ribbons, and other items containing classified information shall be either 1 destroyed immediately after they have served their purpose, or 2 shall be given the same classifi- cation and secure handling as the classified information they contain. When self-processing film or paper is used to photograph or reproduce classified information, all parts of the last exposure shall be removed from the camera and destroyed as classified waste, or the camera shall be protected as classified.

Such office shall contact the originator of the information to determine if declassification can be effected. Mark and protect all computer products containing classified data in accordance with the requirements of DoD Recommendations concerning the need to designate additional categories of information that may be considered for classification shall be forwarded through channels to the appropriate Secretary for determination. Examples of “identifiable damage” include the compromise of information that indicates strength of ground, air, and naval forces in the United States and overseas areas; disclosure of technical information used for training, maintenance, and inspection of classified munitions of war; revelation of performance characteristics, test data, design, and production data on munitions of war.

Subsequent reviews for declassification shall be set at no more than ten year intervals unless a longer interval has been authorized by the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office. Failure to reach a, decision within thirty 30 days shall be cause for referral to the next level of consideration. Within thirty days after receipt, an appellate authority shall determine whether continued classification of the requested information is required in whole or in part, notify the requester of its determination, and make available to the requester any information determined to be releasable.



Its transmission or revelation in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. Upon this determination, the responsible official will: DoD classified documents that contain extracts of NATO classified information shall be marked as follows on the cover or first page: Only the head of a activity, or a designee, may authorize removal of classified information from designated working areas in off-duty hours provided that appropriate activity regulations ensure maximum protection possible under the circumstances.

Dispose of records subject to this Regulation so as to prevent compromise. Such notice shall, in appropriate cases, advise the challenger that, within thirty days, the decision 5200.1- be appealed to an official designated by the Component for that purpose.

As an exception to the foregoing, any typewriter ribbon which remains substantially stationary in the typewriter until it has received at 5200.1-e five consecutive impressions may be treated as unclassified. Section 8 REGRADING Raising to a Higher Level of Classification 5200.1–r upgrading of classified information to a higher level than previously determined, by officials with appropriate classification authority and jurisdiction over the subject matter, is permitted only when all known holders of 5200.11-r information: Prepare and submit for publication all system dodd and amendments and alterations thereto.

The copy of a classified message e. Gov’t and its contractors. The report of investigation shall be reviewed to ensure com- pliance with this Regulation and instructions issued by Components.

If classification is derived from more than one source, the phrase “multiple sources” will be shown and the identification of each source will be maintained with the file or record copy of the document; ; 2. Should there be reason to believe that an AGED requirement exists in environments other dos in those listed in subparagraph g. Burn bags are properly stored or destroyed; c.

This determination, referred Lo as a security clearance, shall be based on an investigation in accordance with the standards and criteria of reference hInterim clearances may be 520.1-r in accordance with the provisions of reference h. If the damage is repaired using methods other than those per- mitted in subparagraphs a.