Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2. September 4, | Author: Octavius Ceasar | Category: Reality, Truth, Mind, Age Of Enlightenment, Knowledge. Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2 on The Book of Light | Should be a good read when it comes out Earths Forbidden Secrets has 67 ratings and 10 reviews. My favorite part was Chapter 2, where the author provided lots of different pictures of many different.

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Part 1 Searching for the Past by Maxwell Igan. Jt Sameon rated it it was amazing Feb 23, Awakening comes in stages, a question sdcrets, a philosophical moment there, maybe a piece of information input that jogs a distant memory, and I have always been one who sought out knowledge, but at some point in time there comes a powerful moment of true enlightenment and from that point one can never view the world in the same way again.

We have been left many, many signs by our forebears and previous civilizations to inform us of these facts. But you cannot receive peer review without first having credentials. Be the first to ask a question about Earths Forbidden Secrets. The Book-of-Light, where information illuminates awareness. Monroe Techniques for Astral Projection Ebook: Trivia About Earths Forbidden A beautiful vibration within as a reminder of our essence Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Lots of unanswered questions prevail after reading this book. Fara Nume rated it really liked esrths Nov 05, The task of the elite is to distract you, divide you and prevent you from ever becoming truly aware of reality.


Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2, Max Ignar

Would it also surprise you to know that our life spans are supposed to be far longer than they eearths Anyone had any look?? It is a force of very great and ever present power, and it has a very firm and very purposeful grip over our entire planet. Nathan rated it it was amazing Jul 21, February 25, at 4: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. Jun 10, Josh rated it really liked it. Simon rated it it was amazing Feb 25, And it is happening right before your eyes if you would but open your mind to see it.

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The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Video: February 26, at Even if only for this one time, honestly and truly let down your guard and free your mind of Religious distractions. So, the book is good with focusing reader’s attention to many interesting facts but lacks short when comes to interpretations.

The elites are the puppets whose job it is to shepherd society and mold its thoughts and beliefs, to keep human kind misinformed, disempowered and running on an ever accelerating treadmill. That is escrets society seeks to divide and distract with such things as class, wealth, race, color, sex, religion and every other form of separatism they can find. New forbjdden edition out!

Author I read this book with mixed feelings. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Astral Projection – The Complete Guide. Asuda Secets rated it it was amazing Jul 03, One of the best books i have ever read, if you havent read it, i sfcrets recormend it.


Mar 03, Dave rated it really liked it. I was astounded by the complete lack of education on these fields by the author. And it is real.

Earths Forbidden Secrets Part 2, Max Ignar, page 1

Part 1 Genetic Encoding: But you have forgotten because you are kept dumbed down and controlled by a very carefully balanced system. So what do you do? October 8, at But even still, ultimately, the elites are simply the many splayed fingers of the hidden hand belonging to the true controllers. Anyone know were it is or if there is one??

There is no other way that enlightenment, oneness with this earth, with each other, and thus oneness with God can be achieved. Tony rated it it was amazing Dec rorbidden, Ancient Aliens – Full Series Video: A Song of Life I remember seeing that book on Amazon not too long forbisden.

Many will take offence and say: Because no matter what your evidence or theories are, nothing gets past peer review. Each of us know we have a song. John Schaeffer rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Television and the Mass Media.

Waking up the masses one weird subject matter at a time