Sub Code & Name: EC DATA STRUCTURES AND OBJECT SYLLABUS: Introduction- Tokens-Expressions-control Structures –Functions in C++, classes. DOC/LP/01/ LP – EC LESSON PLAN Sub Code & Name: SYLLABUS: Introduction- Tokens-Expressions-control Structures –Functions in C ++. UG Course Outline. EC Macroeconomics. / Course Overview. EC is a second year core, compulsory course in macroeconomic theory and .

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Small scale multipath propagation, Parameters of mobile multipathchannels, Diversity reception, types of small scale fading.

Will be able to understand the structural elucidation of organic compounds using spectroscopy. To study Logic Gates. Estimation of alkalinity of water ii. Satellite Communications Engineering -Wilbur, L. Moment generating functions of random variables and its properties. Engineering Physics Lab Subject Code: Fiber alignment and joint loss-Multimode fiber joints, single mode fiber joints.

DS & OOPS IN C++ Syllabus – B.E / Electronics and Communication Engineering

Pharmaceutical Technology e2202 is designed to educate chemical engineer students and provide them with the skills required to work in the pharmaceutical field, with particular emphasis on the engineering aspects of drug manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical development, and pharmaceutical operations. Understanding communications and Networks, 3rd Edition, W. Objectives and Policies of Pricing- Methods of Pricing: Standard test signals – Time response of first order systems -Characteristic Equation of Feedback control systems, Transient response of second order systems – Time domain specifications, Steady state response – Steady state errors and error constants, Frequency domain response — Transfer function and its interpretation in terms of frequency responses peak and peaking frequency, bandwidth and cut-off rate; Ed2202 between time and frequency domain response features.


An ability to design and perform op-amp based circuits and it’s applications for a given specifications. Students interested syllabu developing algorithms and data processing technologies sylalbus analyzing biological information have huge demands since the applications of this branch play a vital role in alleviating bottlenecks in drug development.

Orthographic projection- principles- Principal planes- First angle projection-projection of points. To learn the random variables and random processes, needed for noise analysis. Electronic Circuit Analysis- K. Students will be good at the basic structure of p-n junction diode and Tunnel diode it’s working principles.

Demonstrate the technical aspects of wireless communication to extend existing trends in communication network. Srinivasan, Thomson Publications, Learning fc2202 of object oriented programming paradigm in Java including classes, Objects, Methods, Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. Measurement of radiation characteristics of horn antenna such as radiation patterns and gain. Methods of Capital Budgeting: Interface Elevator to the controller.

Transistor circuit behavior and their characteristics.


To analyze continuous signals using Laplace transform. Understand and develop Multirate digital signal processing systems. To recall digital transform techniques.


Analog communications Subject Code: Simulate and synthesis of the binary counter, MOD counters. Set Goals and prioritize their resources to achieve shllabus. Demand Determinants, Law of Demand and its exceptions.


A program to illustrate the concept of inheritance and dynamic polymorphism. The ability to understand the characteristics of various types of nonlinearities present in physical systems. To provide knowledge related to Multimedia Network Communications and Applications. Introduction to Microprocessor, Architecture-Functional diagram. Gives basic knowledge to design feedback amplifiers and working principle of operational amplifier and its complete circuit.

To introduce the fundamental concepts of semiconductor materials and its eyllabus. How to design basic analog communication system components like amplitude modulators and demodulators, filters, AGC and understanding frequency modulation and demodulation and carrier recovery circuits.

Able to write a Verilog HDL code for the digital systems.

Detection, Estimation and Data Analysis – K. Architectures and Protocols – C. Financial Accounting, Pearson Education.

Value of biodiversity, threats to biodiversity, endangered and endemic species of India, conservation of biodiversity.