MEM aprobó estudio de impacto ambiental de ToromochoLa Dirección General de Asuntos Ambientales Mineros (DGAAM) del Ministerio de En. While Chinalco had paid $ million for Toromocho, it expected to produce .. and Mines had to approve the EIA for an extractive project in Peru before. Gerald Wolfe pointed out that the company, which invested $ million in Toromocho last year, is waiting for the EIA approval to begin the construction phase.

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Heap leach operating costs were redeveloped for the new schedule based on the updated ratio of high grade versus low grade leach to the pad.

The cutoff grades used for mill ore were established to maximize project return on investment. The results of X-Ray Diffraction XRD analyses from PMET demonstrated tpromocho layered silicate minerals such torlmocho talc, phlogopite and chlorite were floating naturally in rougher flotation and contaminating the rougher concentrate. The distance east to La Oroya is about 32 km by road and 35 km by rail. Half core is retained at the PCI core shed at Tuctu.

The pit outline shown on the sections represents an earlier resource declaration and is not intended to match the current reserve open pit toeomocho. IMC holds the opinion that the allocation of material to the process plants would not change significantly with the increased metal prices.

PCI assays every 1.

Cross sections through the block model were plotted and compared against the logged geologic information in the drill hole data base. Composites of the pulps are used to make up a composite pulp that represents 10m bench intervals.

The Low Grade Leach Stockpile is intrusive hosted material that could be leached or milled. There are three minor claim holdings in the Toromocho 2 area on Figure that are not Centromin claims but rather are held by Sociedad Minera Eua S. That study provides the basis for the current declaration of mineral reserves at Toromocho. Screen analysis results were provided to IMC for review. In June more work was completed 10 holes along with a eoa test pit. In summary, some of the historic low concentrate grades torlmocho apparently caused by the presence of talc or talc like minerals within the deposit.


These input parameters do not reflect the final costs and recoveries for the project but were used as the initial starting point for mine design.

Toromocho mine – Wikipedia

The concentric metal zoning at Toromocho is well developed with a central zone of disseminated copper-moly surrounded by an almost complete ring of lead-zinc, mostly as vein deposits, but including possible bulk disseminated zinc bodies.

The mineral concessions are held as an option agreement between MPCS and torkmocho Peruvian government mining entity called Centromin. This is likely due to core loss causing metal loss in the Old Drilling, particularly for moly. PCI personnel and contractors are currently in the process of acquiring minority land holdings within the Toromocho surface rights area.

Their production levels are small about tpd when compared against the potential for a large open pit. A buffer of m on the northwest side was also left between the national highway and the pit crest. The table eua summarizes the results roromocho the other mineral check assays that were run on the 1.

Toromocho mine

The first is the original easting to the nearest m, the second is the northing to the nearest m. Heap leach costs were calculated for the Technical Report based on the ratio of high grade leach and low grade leach material delivered to the pad.

These openings have provided PCI with access and information to identify the potential continuity of copper mineralization below the limit of the old drill data from the down to the m elevation level underground. The breccia texture crosses all rock types in the central portion of the deposit. The total model size and block size is summarized as follows: Variography results suggested that longer ranges and searches could be applied to moly than those shown on Table However, there toromocbo differences in the population distributions as indicated by the binomial and KS tests.

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Between andEiia de Pasco Corporation carried out an exploration program that indicated the presence of mineralization but without recognizing the potential of the district. Block grade estimation utilized conventional linear kriging. The general requirements that MPCS must meet as set out in the option agreement are as follows: This toromocjo will describe the block model, the mine plan, and the determination of the Mineral Reserves and Resources.

| Minera Chinalco Perú – Proyecto Toromocho

The mining town of Morococha is roughly 2km from the deposit. The metal zoning has some significance from the standpoint of Toromocho development because ultimate back slopes for a Toromocho pit will extend into the vein zone. Figure Final Pit and Material Storage.

Inferred mineral resource is treated as waste within the Mineral Reserve mine plan and the pre-feasibility study. The total resource was established at a 0. PCI records indicate that they have added holes during through for a total of holes. A series of statistical calculations were performed to determine goromocho rock types should be boundaries for grade estimation. Consequently, the external constraints had more impact on final pit design than the floating cone results. Crushing Index for crusher sizing.

Its use in the early stages of development resulted in better concentrate grades torlmocho generally lower copper and torokocho recoveries. The basic metal prices and cutoff grades for determination of Mineral Reserves and Mineral Resources are also included within the notes on Table Use the Old copper assays if greater than 0. The drill holes were sampled by splitting the core with subsequent preparation of samples for assay.

Figure illustrates the mine, waste storage, and stockpiles at the end of the open pit life.