Beyond the Light Barrier is the autobiographical story of Elizabeth Klarer, a South African woman and Akon, an astrophysicist from Meton, a planet of Proxima. 25 Dec I interviewed one Elizabeth Klarer, in March for my Just Jani Column. She describes the union in her book ‘Beyond the Light Barrier.’. 23 Feb BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIER The autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer ELIZABETH KLARER

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Dec 25 2 Comments by Jani Allan. The tall man sat beside me and held my hand in both of his hands. He carried me into the cabin of his spaceship and set me down on a soft, circular bench.

Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer | Light Technology Publishing

And the link, I knew, would indeed be found—through love. Click here to see them. Perhaps we could find an alternating wave motion in time and escape to the stars.

Claude Charbonneau rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Klarer took far more time before publishing a book, Beyond the Light Barrier[6] about her extraterrestrial adventures. That is why you were wearing the type of uniform you are. My husband suddenly woke up out of his reverie over a whiskey. Silently we passed over the rich, thick carpeting and down a spacious passageway.

Even to this epoch on Earth, our spaceships come and go, retaining this base within the vast wastes of Antarctica. A dreadful age indeed! Perhaps I could go home to the freedom of the mountains I loved, bbarrier mountains of the Dragon hiding in the mist.

Traffic Cape Town Humans there—with all their petty quarrels, cruelty and vicious teh of all their bits of territory—ceased to exist. Akon put elizbaeth arm round my shoulders and held me close while a tall and lovely woman glided silently into the room, her bare feet sinking without a sound into the thick and rich carpeting.

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My hat had gone as if there was no gravity to bring it back, and a strange feeling elizabetg weightlessness caused me to sit down suddenly on the grass. Completely lost in the fantastic beauty of the place with its wide lawns and lovely trees, gleaming buildings and pight colors, I heard Akon speak again. The radiations in the Sun’s system had become far too intense for flizabeth well-being and we were forced to live underground.

A city sparkled, white and silver, encircling a curve of bay. A land where the Southern Cross glitters with spangled arms across the meridian and the deep bowl of the sky, alight with the glow of millions of star systems.

As an innovator in more info. The quiet relaxation of mental telepathy was their mode of communication. The heaven dwellers will come and take you away from us. Browse by Book Series: Rose red predominated in the carpeting and wall coverings. It had the same soft, glowing illumination and fresh air, and gave one the sense and feeling of being outdoors on a beautiful day. He can live in the water, and it is said that this being has been seen on the banks of the Umzinduzi River near Umkam- bati, beyond Pietermaritzburg.

Particular interest was shown in Elizabeth’s experience by the British Ministry of Defence and they announced that UFOs do exist and are now official. Purely imaginary, one might say, until one reads the immense amount of scientific and technical explanation given by the author.

They live on as planets, creating and harboring life on their surface. The flames had enveloped two of the planes and my husband was valiantly pushing away another. John Lenihan rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Now was the time to live, though, to tune in to the essence of life and to become a part of it so that I could live with it for the rest of my life, no matter where.


Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer

He was an older man, well past middle age, with a strong and lithe body just under two meters in height. As I ran to help him, a petrol tank exploded. That was now denied me, as fighter planes and bombers took to the air. They are goodly to look on, beautiful and radiant—their clans are taller and lighter-complexioned and markedly different in feature. The environment and overall climate are equable and beneficial to our health.

They live contrary to its laws, thereby misunderstanding the true meaning of love and how it is food and life to the soul. Telepathy, in other words, as you have already experienced. The people wear shining clothes lihht the huts are thatched with shining grass. Higher up, the funnel was partly filled with a bright cloud that shimmered like a fluorescent light.

I saw the Drakensberg range to the west and the line of blue sea to the southeast. Our home planet elizabteh retained in this way.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It seemed that my future would be shaped from here, where there was so much gentleness amidst a violent universe.

I was not afraid, though I felt as if a magnetic force was influencing my mind.