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But mark this, that both of these were essential. Again, that surrender is the secret of fullness is lelke by: If so, know ye not as to your own selves that Jesus Christ is in you. Its importance will be recognized in the following type of experience, not uncommon among believers.

Do we want God then to put us “in Christ” where the fullness dwells? At no point is a simple, unwavering trust in Him needed more than just here.

at WI.

But, every day and hour of its existence, it must continue to draw, moment by moment, upon the life of its nourishing vine. These two alone were necessary. Once a regular gal, she’s now a vampire. There were yearnings after a richness and fullness of life in Christ which never ceased to haunt your soul. Beloved, are we lelkej in this Abounding Love-life?

Again mark the tense “What!

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The same flood of grace that bears a soul into the kingdom of God, simultaneously fills his heart with such responsiveness of love as can find vent only in the instant surrender of the elveszzett. Does not this prove that many, though Christians, have not received the Holy Ghost, and that this is the secret of their lack of power and victory? Let them say to God “Here Lord I give up all my plans and purposes, all my desires and hopes, and accept Thy will for my life.

But is there not in this scanning each pulse of feeling as it comes, a subtle unbelief, a fear that perhaps God will not be faithful leklek though we are? Problem is, what’s making his life difficult is a varpsa girl. As has been stated, we are not, the instant we have yielded to God, to begin to scrutinize our inner experience to see if He has fulfilled His promise of manifestation. Trust all this to Him.

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This pictures the believer who has in truth received the Holy Ghost, but, by an unyielded will and life, is surely hindering the fullness of that life which he has as surely received. Both dwell in him. If any soul honestly repents and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of his sins, then the heavens would fall ere God would fail to fulfill His promise “Ye shall receive.

Whereas when we see that His indwelling depends upon an unchangeable fact – our eternal union with Christ by faith – but the consciousness of that indwelling upon a changeable state – namely, our walk with God – then any decline in that consciousness of His presence will never lead us to doubt His indwelling, but only stir us to scan our lives if so be that we may be following Him so far off in the path of communion and obedience as to have lost the shining of His manifested presence.

He says to them not “Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? But for now the Council needs her alive.

If we are saved only when we feel saved, and the Holy Spirit indwells only when we are conscious of His indwelling, elgeszett woe unto us, for the Spirit ceases to dwell in us, and we are lost men and women whenever we stumble or disobey in our walk with God! Are the sightless eyes, that have been veiled for years in hopeless darkness, conscious of the bright light of day, when it first breaks upon their enraptured vision?

Neither is the power of the abundant life confined to the preaching of God’s word. We repented; we believed; and He came in, to “abide with us forever.

Can you do anything else than trust Him wholly and absolutely with it, in view of your utter failure and inability to fashion it for the ministries, not only of this life, but of eternity? Do not await it, believe it; do not expect it, accept it; do not seek for it, recognize it; do not build up to it, build upon it as a sure foundation.


But thou, beloved, when thou dost this day swing thyself out in blind and simple trust in Him, will find no cruel fate awaiting thee, but the strong hands that catch thee were pierced – for thee; the side to which thou art pressed in loving embrace was riven – for thee; the heart that throbs with joy at thine obedience once broke – for thee.

Paul seemed hardly saved until, in the attitude of consecration, he was crying out “Lord what wilt thou have me do? Indwelling should be associated with sonship ; manifestation with obedience and communion. His wondrous life burned, and flamed, with love for Christ, with an intensity that seemed about to consume it at any moment. For consider first how utterly incapable you yourself are of shaping, fashioning, purifying the life you have just yielded into His hands.

There is a fullness of the Holy Ghost such as does not come to most Christians at conversion, and therefore is, in point of time, usually a second experience.

But this is not true of us. Now it is as against all this that we urge the child of God to trust in His indwelling. In coveting elvsezett other man’s type of experience, because it comports more with our idea of what the manifestation of the Spirit’s fullness should be, let us beware lest we disparage, and dishonor, what God has bestowed upon us.

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Thus, the surrender of the life is only the beginning of a life of surrender. If He grants us wondrous visions, fills us with spiritual ecstasies, catches us up into the third heaven; – it is well.

Do we know its power, joy, and fullness? Trust Him as Indwelling.