The ultimate mining guide for the sci-fi virtual economy MMO Entropia Universe. Learn to mine and sign up now!. “I have took upon myself the task of providing the best and feature rich tool to the miners of Entropia Universe. Development started on the 21st May , with. Here we can post information about our tips and methods. This can be a fairly complex subject but I am going to keep it as simple as I can for.

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Many models are available. Just like with weapons and healing tools, finders and excavators can be tiered up and enhanced using tools called enhancers.

Mining guide for Entropia Universe

The goal we had starting out is to level her mining skills to a point where she is using at least the tt mining gear efficiently and also for her to be able to play daily without depositing yet.

Entropia Universe Guide Log. Entgopia that’s enough in dept stuff I’m willing to type out tonight as I am getting well tired.

This is relatively important when it comes to effective mining. Always Buying Rugaritz, PM me if you have any amount for sale. Originally Posted by slither. My girlfriend Trouble Maker and I have been working this method for a little over a month and so far it’s working fairly well. But hold your horses, don’t run to the first trader just yet! In the world itself you will see these finds manifest themselves into claims, small floating objects signifying a find.


Then there is amps which make it so you find bigger claims but less minimg claims. Ludark dropped loot with a value of PED on Like x 1 Useful x 1. Once you’ve mininh 3. LizzyOct 18, The second way of amplifying your mining run is to use a finder which uses additional probes kining searching for resources. Excavator the tool to extract your claims Probes: Your email address will not be published.

Those of you who are advanced users will probably have more to say on the topic and that is great — just not here. This can get very expensive very quickly, but is also how players find those deposits in the 10k PED and higher range.

Planet Arkadia is for you if you want to be a treasure hunter! Wenrex can often be found shallow and will give you good MU. To craft an item you will need minerals and blueprints. Hiya For me so far it has sold all the time, mining again for a few months now.

Entropia Universe mining guide – EntropiaPlanets Wiki – Entropia Universe Guides Wiki Info

This tool allows you to entroipa or search the area for resources, but its effectiveness depends on how it is used and the skill level of the user.


Equip the finder in your inventory, then the mining interface comes up. Not really much you think now? First of all you need a finder and an extractor. Level amps are common and work well, I like terra amps too. This guide will tell you some of the basics you need to understand in order to mine inside Entropia Universe. To restore your settings if your program was working fine rename LittleBigMiningLog.

We were able to buy a tt finder after the second run and a tt digger after the third. Since when did enhancers get an average of drops? Send your suggestions to support mininglog. As raw Ore and Enmatter are not useable, you may find it prudent to also carry a refiner with you on your trips. When you drop a bomb on the ground it will explode after which the finder will check if any ores are present.

Always only use a finder that you nining maxed.