The exacqVision VMS software records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays on a free Windows, Linux or OSX client software. exacqVision adds critical cybersecurity features demanded by IT departments , while improving the operator experience. The VMS supports. Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision further simplifies the experience by allowing users to specify the language they want the exacqVision .

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Once users opt into this feature, exacqVision will automatically notify them when client or server updates are available for download, ensuring their system is always kept up-to-date.

Improved user experience with camera associations on mobile device exacqVision 9. Video frames automatically populate as the timeline cursor is moved for a fast and intuitive search even in low bandwidth connections. Easily allocate storage across multiple cameras and archive event video and bookmarks to the cloud. Now, you exzcqvision launch an exacqVision Client directly from the ESM interface for the quick configuration of server settings.

ExacqVision VMS Software: Reasons to Buy – Steve’s Digicams

The surveillance keyboard comes pre-configured with custom firmware for exacqVision VMS to ensure quick, easy installation with buttons mapped to the most common exacqVision functions. Within the configuration page, a free, signed security certificate can be generated and applied to the server.

When exported, a collection of clips will be contained in chronological order from different cameras monitoring the viewing area. Linux Server, Client, Web Vmw.

exacqVision Start Video Management System Software | Exacq from Tyco Security Products

Automatically checks for server updates exacqVision now checks for automatic server-side updates, expanding upon its existing ability for client-side exxacqvision. Once configured, a user can log in to exacqVision and exacqgision ESM without having to enter his or her credentials a second time.


This new camera support is set to record based on movement, reducing storage and bandwidth usage. Here are some other reasons to purchase this software:. Timeline Search Video frames automatically populate as the timeline cursor is moved for a much faster and more intuitive search even in low bandwidth connections. Event Duration Rules exacqVision now offers additional flexibility when configuring events.


Export Save a picture or video, print a picture or export video files to easily be used for investigations. As part of our continued focus on cybersecurity, exacqVision 9. By continue to navigate through this site or by exacqqvision Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our.

Intrusion integration health alarms Intrusion panels are a key security exacqvisio for many customers, and ensuring they are always operational is critical to providing a secure environment. Set up notification rules once for all exacqVision servers in the enterprise system.

When searching analytic events, the user can now further review analytic event results by drawing specific areas of the scene to filter results.

More secure, redesigned exacqVision web service exacqVision web services no longer installs a 3rd party webserver and now uses an embedded webserver within the exacqVision web service. ESM allows users to:. Adjusting camera resolutions and fms, users and permissions,trigger events, audio and more is simple. View live web pages with user permissions on video panels in the exacqVision client. Automatically vmz, assigns and addresses certain IP cameras to the network.

With this release, exacqVision adds more than new camera exacqvosion bringing the total number to more than 3, cameras.


More Powerful and Efficient User Management for Enterprise System Manager Highly customized device level permissions for specific user groups on ESM Administrators can now assign highly customized device level permissions — whether video, audio, serial, or soft triggers — for specific user groups in ESM.

Create a case from Live view Bookmarking and case management are very effective tools used to tag and retain important surveillance video and events. This can save significant network bandwidth, and also ensures your exacvqision are secured when they are not actively being used.

Manually control PTZ cameras or define and call up presets or tours of presets. User Interface The user interface is intuitive and easy exacqvisiln learn. Constantly Expanding Functionality with Included Software Updates Get more video management features without replacing your entire video management system Includes one year free software updates three years on exacqVision NVR’s Flexible Deployment exacqVision Enterprise VMS software pre-configured and pre-installed on exacqVision out-of-the-box network video recorders Installs on eacqvision servers.

Thumbnail Search Thumbnail search narrows down video segments, allowing you to quickly find the video you need. ESM has always supported email notifications by allowing the administrator to set up the email configuration with individual addresses. Once the serial data profile is set up from the detector, whenever a foil-lined bag is detected, an alert will trigger and automatically appear on top of the corresponding live video, providing critical information to the retailer trying to prevent rising theft.