FM M2 — Caliber Machine Gun · Army study guide · Weapons · M2. 50 Caliber Machine Gun · FM · Army Strong. May 6, + add. lbs composition C4 (plastic explosive) (FM Jan / 7 / PDF 16) 84 lbs (FM Mar / / PDF 12) Which FM covers the M Cal?. 11 Apr FM Washington, DC, 11 April BROWNING MACHINE GUN,. CALIBER HB, M2. 1. Change FM , 3 March

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FM – Appendix A – Machine Gun Employment « Infantry Drills

For use against light tm and personnel. On ground that slopes away from the gun, the beaten zone becomes longer but remains the same width. The leader can devise other signals to control his weapons. Both vehicle mounted weapons can fire from a long range stand-off position, or be moved forward with the assault element.

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A base stake -322.65 used to define sector limits and may provide the lay for the FPL or predetermined targets along a primary or secondary sector limit. These guns are not as accurate when mounted on vehicles as they are when fired from the tripod-mounted system. Assault fire involves firing without the aid of sights using the hip, shoulder, and underarm positions. There are initial fire commands and subsequent fire commands.

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Lens covers may reduce this effect.

Shift and shut down the weapon squad gun teams one at a time, not all at once. A detailed description of arm-and-hand signals is given in FM Machine guns provide overlapping and interlocking fires with adjacent units and cover tactical and protective obstacles with traversing or searching fires.

The gunner uses the following steps. When this is done, projectiles in the upper half of the cone of fire will pass through the target if it has height, and the projectiles in the lower half of the beaten zone may ricochet into the target Figure A Once the SBF line is masked by the assault element, fires are shifted and or lifted to prevent enemy withdrawal or reinforcement.

There are distinct phases of rates of fire employed by the base of fire element: If immediate fire is required, the command FIRE is given without pause and the gunners fire as soon as they are ready.

US Army Field Manuals – Mentor Enterprises Inc.

Successful offensive operations result from the employment of fire and movement. Primary Sector of Fire A In all cases, upon receiving the alert, the gunners 3-22.5 their machine guns and place them on FIRE. Classes of fire with respect to the ground. Gunners and automatic riflemen should engage targets to take maximum effect of the beaten zone.

These formidable weapons can engage enemy targets beyond the capability of individual weapons with 3-226.5 and accurate fire. It gives the unit the capability mf laying down a heavy volume of close, accurate, and continuous fire Figure A Arm-and-hand signals are an effective fire control method when the gunner can see the leader.


For incendiary effect, especially against aircraft. Machine guns are suppressive fire weapons used to suppress known and suspected enemy positions. In either case, leaders must take into account key events the guns must support during the mission.

Most rounds will not fall over the target, and any that fall short will create ricochets into the target Figure A The rate of fire is omitted from the fire command.

FM 3-22.65

The following are commonly used signals for fire control:. Line of aim and placement of center of beaten zone on target. Units furnished machine guns in sufficient numbers should site them within mutual support distances of 90 to meters. The machine gun delivers an accurate, high-volume rate of lethal fire on fairly large areas in a brief time.

When gunners engage a target, they initially fire at the rate necessary to gain and maintain fire superiority. The leader must make an estimate of the total amount of ammunition needed to support all the machine guns.