Fruitcake [Eraserheads] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once upon a Christmas Eve, twelve-year-old Frannie Wei, with her one true. 27 Dec Fruitcake by Eraserheads: The Book. There’s a fruitcake for everybody. There’s a fruitcake for everyone. There are b-sides to every story. 23 Dec A score of that more since the release of the Eraserheads’ first album to the shelves of bookstores but Fruitcake, both the book and the album.

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However, after a few days, like an afterthought, she added that this is a YA book. It even made me think that this book was not even a YA but a children’s book.

The title is a reference to a line fruigcake the Beatles song ” A Day in the Life “. About half the album consists of seemingly disposable, self-indulgent filler, but one has to realize that the album plays like a multi-act narrative before attempting to appreciate it. A “fun” book for me.

There’s a fruitcake for everybody There’s a fruitcake for everyone There are b-sides to every story If you decide to have some fun Take a bite It’s alright There’s some brandy and star margarine to make it bright Take a bite It’s alright A little lovin’ and some fruit to bake Life fruihcake a piece of cake So goes the song “Fruitcake” by the Eraserheads.

It contains 33 chapters and not has stories this contains some short poems too. Joshua Agda, may itatanong lang po ako sa book na Fruitcake: Kent rated it it was amazing Aug 30, The Music of the Eraserheads The Reunion: Run Barbi Run Eraserheads: Hi, can you add me on facebook?

Every album by the Eraserheads, ranked | Editorial | Bandwagon – Live

So goes the song “Fruitcake” by the Eraserheads. Reading one chapter leads to the next until I finally finish the book this AM took a few days not because the book was not engaging but because Gayle wanted to play with me most of the time.


Still a solid 4 star book for me. This book is just not meant for an old guy like me. Not really a bad book. This song has a music video. The cassette and CD single version contains three songs, including a different version of the song “Fruitcake” and another song called “Christmas Alphabet” which is not found in the official Fruitcake album.

Maybe that’s the reason why she gave this a 4-star rating. In the place of Fuitcake Heights Ely Buendia provided the text and decription of the characters.

Fruitcake: The Book

Too late I already bought this. That made the lyrics in the song make more sense. Rivva rated it it was ok Sep 30, Feb 19, Mari rated it really liked it.

It can be categorized as a musical itself and to date, there has only been one theater musical adaptation of it – the Eraserheads’ Fruitcake Musical The band is one of the most successful, most influential, critically acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of original Pilipino Music OPM. A Working Mother’s Heart Now it can be told As Bobo the Boook said on the book, “Wear your crown with pride,” and I think the boys did just that – regardless of the outcome, they tried and believed in their ideas.

Every album by the Eraserheads, ranked

Aside from the hits, ‘Shirley’ and ‘Shake Yer Head’ are absolute classics. To ask other readers questions about Fruitcakeplease sign up. Chy rated it it was amazing Jul 24, The childhood curiosity kicks into your heart in the first few chapters, making you hooked to read a few more. The plot is not thin and the smile that I mentioned in my intro above was caused by their attempt to put some twists and surprises in the story.

Princess Dianne Kris Decierdo rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Kaiser Kim rated it it was fruitacke Jan 14, I first read this book in and thought it was amazing – but when I lent my original copy to a classmate and didn’t return it, I had this question in my head if I liked it then because I am a big Eraserheads fan or if I liked it because I wasn’t an avid reader meaning that it was one of the very few books I have read, therefore Erasereads didn’t have anything to compare it withor if it could be both.


The drawings were nice, the songs were great, the story not so hahaha. One reviewer mentioned that she was surprised to find her favorite E-heads song in this book. Third and last piano solo by Zabala. Considering that the E-heads was a pop music phenomenon in the 90’s, I am sure that this book will continue to sell and be appreciated in the next number of years especially when eeaserheads teenagers in the 90’s attempt to introduce to their kids the kind of music that they grew up with.

So I started reading the books a few days ago. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I think everyone from the casual fan to the most hardened critic can agree on this.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The book starts great and full of youthful whim, as if I were reading a Dahl short story.

It references all the cool sources: Bryan rated it it was amazing Aug 17, Return to Book Erazerheads. Ooh elementary school feels! Kailahrenigado rated it really liked it Aug 15, But did you know that there’s now a book with the same title and auther available?