10CAG/10CHG/10CGGHz CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM INSTRUCTION MANUAL Technical updates and additional programming examples. Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 10CG GHz User Manual. Futaba 10CHG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Futaba 10CHG Instruction Manual.

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See Charging the NiCd batteries, p. Choose desired servo and reverse its direction of travel. Turn on transmitter then receiver; adjust all linkages so surfaces are nearly centered. Now that the memory is reset, name has returned to the default Ex: The model may be flown directly off the CAMPac’s memory, not requiring rutaba into the 2nd transmitter. When unplugging connectors, futwba pull on the wires.

The single beep lets you know that the RF output has stopped for any reason.

Fasten about cm from the servo outlet so that the lead wire is neat. The blue RF light also goes out. By giving each model a name that is immediately recognizable, Automatically adjusts throttle servo position to maintain a constant head speed regardless of blade pitch, load, weather, etc.

Futaba 10CG GHz User Manual | pages

Simply plug the optional trainer cord For 10CG series, sold separately into the trainer connection on each transmitter, and follow the guidelines below. When the length feels comfortable, lock the position by turning locking piece B counterclockwise. Continuous beep until transmitter is powered off. Don’t have an account? The “High Speed mode” only accept the digital servos for outputs from 1ch to 6ch, including BLS series, and most peripheral equipments such as the gyros or 10chf ESCs.

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Then press the Dial to choose that function. This is the default setup and requires no specialized wing programming. Avoid plugging multiple extensions together to attain your desired length. Be certain the switch moves without restriction and “snaps” from ON to OFF, and that the cutout allows full motion of the switch in both directions.

Each display has a unique sound associated with it, as described below. Gyros Manyal Governors This way, if you give a large input for a stall turn, for example, the gyro turns itself off and model straight.

M to C Choose the next character to change.

This function can be set for each flight condition, and is used to correct the tendency of the model to change altitude when the rotor is tilted by manul, elevator, and rudder controls.

Other Equipment Gear Doors: More than 1 sec. The T10CG transmitter has been designed to function in many countries. In this case the antennas should be placed at both sides of the model.

Those are mechanical changes that must be done by a service center. This mode is available 1 time only so if you need to re-use 1. There are many pages of setup procedures and examples.

V-TAIL mixing is used with v-tail aircraft so that both elevator and rudder functions are combined for Defaults to ACRO model type.

FUTABA 10CHG Manuals

The two antennas should be placed at 90 degrees to each other. Confirm you are currently using the On home screen, check model name and proper model memory. This enables you to ensure that incorporates a system that reduces its power output and allows you to perform such a range check. Generally sandwich the frame between the switch and switch cover and securely tighten the screws.


The name of the model memory you are copying into is displayed for clarity. Any technical there, please see the end of our F.

The Logic switch can futbaa assigned to the following functions: Operation is subject to the following two conditions: To change mode, please visit www. As with all radio frequency transmissions, the strongest area of signal transmission is from the sides of the transmitter’s antenna. This way, if you give a large input for a stall turn, for example, the gyro turns itself off and model straight. Knobs and sliders on the View numerous additional mix setups: To prevent possible damage to fugaba radio gear, turn the power switches on and off in the proper sequence: These 7-point curves are utilized to best match the blade collective pitch to the engine RPM for Once the link is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and no further linking is necessary unless the receiver is to be used with another transmitter.

To reset the timer, press Dial for one second. The numbers indicate how many degrees each arm is “off” from 90 degrees to correct for minute manufacturing deviations from servo to servo. Screen now reads ON. Check that the charger LED lights. Press Cursor lever to page up and down through the 2 pages of screens in each menu.

The following additional accessories are available from your dealer.