This is Ghazwa-e-Ahzab OR Ghazwa-e-Khandaq – History Urdu Android version, this is very helpful book for all Muslims. Features of this app. The Battle of the Trench (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, translit.: Ghazwah al-Khandaq) also known as the Battle of the Confederates (Arabic: غزوة الاحزاب, translit.: Ghazwah. This war is named as al-Khandaq (trench) because Muslims dug a trench. This war is also well-known as al-Ahzab (confederates) since.

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Ghazwa-e-Khandaq’s Lesson for All Pakistanis

This perhaps suggests their elevated standing with the community and in the later verses, these women are described ahzb “unlike any other. The Qurayza, however, demanded hostages as a guarantee that the Confederacy would not desert them. Biography of Bilal Ibn Rabah.

Consequently, disputes arose among them. Exegesis Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Hermeneutics Persons related to verses mentioned by name Revelation. Prophet and Statesmanpp. The spoils of battle, including the enslaved women and children of the tribe, were divided up among the Muslims that had participated in the siege urdy among the emigrees from Mecca who had hitherto depended on the help of the Muslims native to Medina.

Moreover, it built up the newly-established Islamic government of Medina.

Ghazwa-e-Khandaq Ka Waqia – Urdu

Arabic text English translation. Food was running short, and nights were colder.

The main contemporary source of the battle is the 33rd Surah of the Quran. Early inthe Banu Nadir met guazwa the Quraysh of Makkah.

uru Wikiquote has quotations related to: Once at night, two groups of Muslims encountered each other, shooting one another unintentionally. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Category Islam portal Wikipedia book. That is why, when Imam ‘Ali a confronted ‘Amr b. A number of individuals were spared when various Ni intervened on their behalf.


Abu Urfu accepted their hhazwa with open arms, thus Jews and Quraysh got unified. He advised the men to openly declare their findings, should they find the Banu Qurayza to be loyal, so as to increase the morale of the Muslim fighters. A party among them said: I made a mention of that to my father, whereupon he said: They shouted, “O occupants of the tent! This page was last edited on 28 Augustat The confederates were forced to withdraw in a state of panic and confusion.

Akhtab eventually managed to enter and persuade them that the Muslims would surely be overwhelmed. So the Muslims did this, working hard, and the Messenger of Allah worked with them, carrying earth away and digging, in the process of which there occurred many miracles and clear signs.

Confederations al-Ahzab comprising of three armies by the command of Abu Sufyan arrived in Medina. Four thousands of them along with three hundred horses and 1, camels were from Quraysh tribe and its confederates. He sent word to Ghatafan, trying to pay for their defection and offering them a third of Medina’s date harvest if they withdrew.

There have been some narrations about shooting arrows, hard fighting, and injuries from both sides such as Sa’d b. So He knew what you did not know, and He assigned [you] besides that a victory near at hand. During the night the Confederate armies withdrew, and by morning the ground was cleared of all enemy forces.

Battle of the Trench – Wikipedia

The beginning of the sura seems to be concerned with truthfulness. The defeat caused the Meccans to lose their trade and much of their prestige.

Verses contain a reference zhzab Muhammad’s wives and tell the believers the proper conduct with Muhammad and his household. Digging trench was not commonplace among ‘Arabs up to that time, and it provoked amazement among both Muslims and the polytheists.

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Verses are concerned with the believers and hypocrites’ reactions to the Battle of the Trench which is sometimes known as the Battle of the Ditch.

Al-Ahzab – Wikipedia

As part of his share of the spoils, Muhammad selected one of the women, Rayhanafor himself and took her as part of his booty. On the other hand, the harvest had been gathered and the besiegers had some trouble finding im for their horses, which proved of no use to them in the attack.

He stated that the tribe intended ahazb ask the Confederacy for hostages, ostensibly in return for cooperation, but really to hand over to Muhammad. The two confederate armies were marked by recriminations and mutual distrust.

Other mosques by the names of Masjid al-Fath also known as Masjid al-Ahzab or Masjid al-A’la were built on Mount Sal’ around seven hundred meters away al-Masjid al-Nabawi, where the Prophet’s s tent had been put up, a place in which he said prayers, monitored everything, and received God’s blessing promise of victory over the polytheists. Because the people of Adal and Qarah had betrayed the Muslims and killed them at the opportune moment, Maududi believes the metaphor means the Qurayza were thought to be about to do the same.

This sura mentions whzab happened at the Battle of the Trench to remind believers the mercy and power of Allah since Allah made the various tribes who attacked Madina leave. Abdullah bin Abu Aufa reported: He urd, ‘Will you never understand?