The epic novel of man and nature that won its author the Nobel Prize in Literature , in the first new English translation in more than ninety years When. by Knut Hamsun, translated from the Norwegian by Sverre Lyngstad (Penguin; $13). Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 18 by Knut Hamsun. Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Geissler would often be doing big business with other people and travelling but towards the end of the novel, he was seemingly becoming worn out and out of health. They allowed Brede to make it seem like he was selling Breidablik out of his own will to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Before endeavouring to negotiate our relations with people, with society, or with inherited systems of values and ideas – before the religious question itself – there is established, willy-nilly, xoil solitude and silence, a personal relationship with nature, that perennial background and source of all possible meanings.

All of this amounts to a single issue: You can still find traces of Knut Hamsun’s epic tale grkwth the quiet, monosyllabic farmer life in Norway in the rural dialects, superstitions and conservative mindset.

I have had much to learn from Sweden’s poetry and, more especially, from her lyrics of the last generation. It follows the story of a man who settles and lives in rural Norway. This style was common during the first half of the 20th century in Norwegian literature. A distinguished speaker said earlier tonight that I have my own way of writing, and this much I may perhaps claim and no more.

Eventually, Aronsen, not able to handle it anymore, sold his place to Eleseus who decided that he become a farmer.

A family takes shape under the two I’s. Sivert, the second eldest son, is a strong, hard-working person. The relative dearth and asperity of Hamsun’s dialogue and descriptions is thus intentional: But once you stop and talk to people or spend time with relatives, as the case can bethe short time span of the beautiful summer sneaks into conversations within minutes.

Growth of the Soil

We’re featuring millions of their ov ratings on our book pages to help you growh your new favourite book. He was apparently very rich and was going to open a store at the location.


Inger was to be released early. In any event, if I did read this in my own “circa 20s” gee, was I once something? Refresh and try again. Nowhere Hamsun can tell.

And it is perhaps simple to see the connections: What kind of lullabies does she sing?

A foreigner would be recognised immediately, in these remote woods. He was also reported to be one of the few people to ever talk down to Hitler, causing Hitler to dismiss him and bury himself away in rage for several days when Hamsun insisted upon releasing Norwegian prisoners of war who were sentenced to death by firing squad.

A more objective work of fiction it would be hard to find—certainly in what used to be called “the neurasthenic North. Isak is a great big taproot of a man, where Inger is a flight, a suppressed flight. My own feeling is that he would urge us to remember, wherever we may go in the end.

But the truth is that it makes it difficult to read the story without subconsciously scouting for the odd remark, the hidden idealism.

His wish is granted with the arrival of Inger. These encounters, these moments of utmost realization, by which we are built up in our innermost reserves of being are never shared among the characters.

It is neither idealistic nor monstrous, just shaped by the conditions under which people lived, worked and mingled with each other. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of His monologue near the end will echo within you for months to come and contains a message that is still timely today.

H’m, I don’t know. It is wholly beautiful; it is saturated with wisdom and humor and tenderness. Rich in symbolism, it continues to resonate with modern readers today. William Worster, in an afterword to his translation of Growth of the Soildescribes the novel as follows:.

Growth of the Soil – Wikisource, the free online library

Isak is admired by many, his farm is very developed compared to his neighbors. Published May 12th by Vintage first published Jung had described individual existence as a rhizome, living off its buried, unfathomable, and largely unknowable connection to an underground network of relationships that supplies its very lifeblood, and there is something of this understanding of subjectivity informing Hamsun’s approach to characterization and also to defining plot.


She then had another son named Sivert. Neither is the story of Isak’s primordial poietic activity of shaping and subduing the land for human use, rendered as it is with so much insistent, loving detail, complemented by a gowth detailed story of Inger’s poieses.

When Oline arrived one day, she told the family that Uncle Sivert, the one who Sivert knht named after, had fallen terribly ill. Maybe he has been in jail and wants to go into hiding, or perhaps he is a philosopher looking for peace; in any case, here he comes, a human being in the midst of this immense solitude.

This impresses me as a quite enlightened point of view for the time in which it was written. The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli. Aronsen was another very rich settler who set up a store in order to make profit from the many miners who would be in the area working on the mine near Sellanraa Isak’s farm.

The eldest child is a boy named Eleseus. Vonnegut once wrote that there were but 7 overarching narratives which, with the variation of the settings, characters, and details, made up all literature. Others do not and ultimately fail hasun as one character puts it, “the boy probably got his roots torn”. On behalf of my country I thank the Swedish Academy and all Sweden for the honour they have bestowed on me. However, his later identification with fascist Germany may also find an explanation in the worship of the Nordic, the fear of foreign influences, the focus on protecting national identity rather than accepting a range of new perspectives.

View all 9 comments. The typical quirks of Hamsun are still present, and avid readers will find his unmistakable voice booming from the pages.