The GTK TreeView widget is used to display data in one of the most basic and intuitive ways possible: a list. Each row in the list can be separated into multiple. ew has a main CSS node with name treeview and style It has a subnode with name header, which is the parent for all the column header. public class Application: { public Application () { // Prepare Gtk. Window: = “My ew”; _position = Gtk. WindowPosition.

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These background areas tile to cover the entire tree window except for the area used for header buttons.

TreeViewColumn at the specified position in the treeview. Adjustment replaces the current vertical adjustment.

GtkTreeView: GTK+ 3 Reference Manual

The next step is to enable sorting. If Truerows expand or collapse if the pointer moves over them.

Both are expected to be between 0. The teeview common translations are between widget and bin window coordinates and between bin window and tree coordinates. Pixmap representation of the row specified by path.

TreeIter pointing to the row that collapsed path: Here is an example for an alternative approach to removing multiple rows in one go here we want to remove all rows from the store that contain persons that have been born afterbut it could just as well be all treeviww rows or some other criterion:. Returns whether or not to let the user search interactively.

TreeModel can be used by more than one Gtk. While there are several different models to choose from, there is only one view widget to deal with.

Now ‘Songs’ is the first child from the root gtl thus its tree path is just “0”. The model does not know anything about the size or content of the data your pointer refers to, so it could not even make a copy if it wanted to, so you need to allocate and free the memory yourself in this case.


A depth of 0 is the imaginary invisible root node of the tree view and model. In addition, it is relatively easy to write a custom renderer yourself.

Returns number of columns in the tree view post-insert. The arguments passed to func are: TreeView can easily made sortable with a call to Gtk. Here is an example that shows how to get the iter from the tree path that is passed to us from the tree view in the “row-activated” signal callback. It is also possible to set a custom comparison function in order to change the sorting behaviour.

There is no direct way to get a tree iter from a tree row reference, you have to retrieve the tree row reference’s path first and then convert that into a tree iter. Rectangle in tree window coordinates for the cell at the row specified by path and the column specified by column.

If path points to a node not found in the tree, the y and height attributes of the rectangle will be 0. When constructing a model you have to specify the data types for each column the model holds.

This method returns None if there is no path at the position. The model or more precisely: A newly created GtkTreeView widget. A function to determine which columns are reorderable, or None. Although you can theoretically implement your own Model, you will normally use either the Gtk. Sets the row separator function, which is used to determine whether a row should be drawn as a separator. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

This class, like Gtk. The value should be specified in pixels, a value of 0 disables this feature and in this case only the default indentation will be used. Return location for end of region, or NULL.


You might wish to take special action on clicks on the background, such as clearing a current selection, having a custom context menu or starting rubber banding. In practice, it supplies the Gtk. If Trueshow the trreeview header buttons. TreeViewColumn at that point the X coordinate relative to the cell background the Y treevirw relative to the cell background. Color to use for odd rows. A list of files in a directory would be an example of a simple list structure, whereas a directory tree is an example for a tree structure.

It is therefore usually a bad idea to treevuew tree iters, unless you really know what you are doing. If the cell is currently visible on the screen, nothing is done. These background areas tile to cover the entire bin window.

GTK+ By Example/Tree View/Tree Models

This is useful when you want to focus the user’s attention on a particular row. In the case of Gtk. For rubberband selection, a subnode with name rubberband is used.

A GtkTreePath is a comparatively straight-forward way to describe the logical position of a row in the gkt. The filename would be stored in column 0 of the model, and the file size would be stored in column 1 of the model. Note that column refers to a column of the current model. Returns the currently used compare function for the search code.

Returns the column the interactive search code searches in. Go to page content Go to main menu Go to the search field.

This image is used for a drag icon. The alignment values specify the fraction of display space that is to the left of or above the cell. Passing None for entry treveiew make the interactive search code use the built-in popup entry again.