The HCS12 V Core is a bit processing core using the 68HC12 instruction set architecture (ISA). This makes the Core instruction set. Product Features. ○ Long-distance wireless transmission (1,m in open space /baud rate 5,bps in the air). ○ Working frequency range (MHz. View or download datasheets, user guides, specifications and block diagrams for the Freescale 9S12/HCS12 microcontroller, the processor used by the PDQ.

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We calculate it as.

This page is about: Through our standard NI technical support program, we can help you:. With extensive training options for new and experienced users, we can help you reduce development time and costs through faster learning and increased productivity with your NI hardware and systems. NI and the extensive network of NI Alliance Partners provide datqsheet wide range of professional services so that together, we can assist you with the design, development, and deployment of even the most complex systems.

We calculate it as, Eqn. Our three- or five-year service programs for hardware and systems provide the coverage you need while ensuring lowest total cost of ownership over the life of your system: Learn more about our privacy policy. Consult on how to use NI products Overcome development challenges Quickly resolve issues pre- or post-deployment To access NI technical support services for your hardware, visit ni.


HCS12 Datasheet(PDF) – Motorola, Inc

Input voltages between 1. Excessive voltages are prevented by ensuring that voltages of less than a diode drop below V SS that is, This page is about: Full drive mode is recommended for most applications. Beware however that it is not always clear which specifications are shared by the two versions, and which apply only to the X-version of the processor.

For some applications, particularly when driving inductive loads such as relays, you may need to provide Schottky diode clamps between the pin and V DD and between the pin and ground. Pre-coded C-language routines make it easy to access these features. The specified maximum instantaneous current is 25 mA into or out of any one pin at a time. Nevertheless, any circuitry connected to the processor should take care to: The maximum current you should ever source from the pin is 25 ma.

Freescale HCS12 Add-on Board – National Instruments

Satasheet, any circuitry connected to the processor should take care to:. Pin currents must be limited using external resistors. Service Programs for Hardware At NI, we produce high-performance hardware and are committed to helping you maintain that performance for years to come.

The following diagram shows the measured threshold for a single pin.

As the user manual for its Enhanced Capture Time module provides some specifications that were neglected in the manual for the MC9S12DP version, it is provided here. Datasheet greater output currents the resistance increases gradually, but the 40 ohm approximation holds good up through the 25 mA maximum. They consist of internal diodes that conduct current from the input pin to the supply or ground rails in the event that the input pin voltage exceeds the supply range.


Negative going noise on the input voltage will not cause a false transition back to a logic 0 unless it is greater than 0. What should the resistor value be? Limit injected current if excessive chs12 can be present.

Digital I/O – Hardware Interfacing

Likewise, during a logic 1 to logic 0 transition, the input is protected against positive going noise spikes of less than 0. The maximum current you should ever sink with the pin is 25 ma.

The resistor limits the current into the LED. Load circuitry that requires significant current to be sourced or sunk by the digital output should include external resistors to ensure that the absolute maximum rating of 25 mA per output pin is never exceeded. Gain the skills you need to design and hfs12 high-quality applications:.

The trigger voltage can lie anywhere within the 1. The actual threshold values and degree of hysteresis will vary from pin to pin. Mosaic Industries web site. Index to all documents, tutorials, and user guides.