Hesketh Prichard, Writer: Don Q Son of Zorro. Other Works: Novel (as Vernon Hesketh Prichard): “November Joe, Detective of the Woods”. See more». Edit. Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard was a contemporary of the Antarctic explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard (assistant zoologist, British Antarctic Expedition. Hesketh-Prichard was a hunter, explorer, cricketer, author and soldier. As a club land author he found fame as a fiction writer: his most famous.

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Greatly rejoicing, Gray and I borrowed a car from the Army and set out to search through the broad lands of the Pas de Calais.

He discovered that their armour could only be penetrated by a heavy cartridge such as Jefferywhile British plate could be easily defeated by a much smaller gun such as a Mauser. Besketh, his ailments, including fatigueheart — digestive — neurological disorders, appendicitiscognitive problems, depression, anxiety — are today recognised as differential symptoms of malaria.

Arrived in the front line, we at once set about trying to locate the sniper.

Accessed on 25 November We formed a museum, which became quite famous, and in which were various exhibits of German and British sniping paraphernalia.

He listened with great interest to the various ruses, of which there was now quite a long list, that we had employed in the trenches. Underhill, of the ist K.

The pair produced a full-length novel, Don Q. Over on the other side of No Man’s Land the German trenches presented a quite different appearance from ours—ours being beaten down, as I have said, until they made as clear a line as a breakwater.

Good fortune here, prifhard, came to our aid, for some performing scouts from G. Indeed, at a later date, we were overwhelmed with applications from Corps and Heketh in other Armies who wished to send observers for a course. Penoyre, came to the rescue, and soon a certain number of telescopes dribbled down into the 4th Division line. It is strange that, whereas the sea-brigand or buccaneer has had so large a share of the attentions of authors, no convincing land-brigand has ever been portrayed in Prlchard fiction.


Hesketh-Prichard’s background prior to war in was chiefly as a big-game hunter and was regarded by some at the time as the world’s best rifle shotheskethh as was often the case involved much travel. Copying material by photography, electrostat, or scanning device by readers is prohibited. The results were wonderful, and certainly saved several privates from failure. But or telescopic sights in the hands of trained men and four times as many optical sights, if full value is got out of them, might along pricchard line shorten the German army of many a valuable unit before the spring.

The result was as might have been expected. The 3rd had gone to the Heskwth of the Somme. We also had many photographs, and again and again officers who had been through the course at the school sent up contributions.


Only when the two loopholes were lined up—a one-to-twenty chance—could an enemy shoot between them. He then informed me that I was to be attached to the nth Corps, and that my orders were the same as they had been under him in the Third Army—to make good shots, and as many of them as possible The nth Corps, since my previous visit, had started a sniping school, where they were putting through five officers and twenty men on short courses.

It was common for British regiments to lose five men a day to snipers; [33] he learned that one battalion lost eighteen in a single day. For this purpose in some of our later attacks a sniper carried armour-piercing ammunition, and did not shoot at the machine-gunners, but at the machine-gun itself.


Sniping in France by Major H. Hesketh-Prichard

Loe Strachey, the editor of The Spectator, continued to keep up my fund, which really was of incalculable value to us, and out of which everything from dummy heads purchased at Clarkson’s to football jerseys for the splendidly-appointed Sniping School, which finally eventuated, were purchased. This was especially the case before any big movement, and we might almost have guessed where an advance was contemplated by the applications for the training of observers by the units concerned.

This was the only case of a definitely-broken promise of this nature which I came across during the war. It is difficult now to give the hesketb figures of our losses. Not once in a hundred times does the German at whom one is shooting get his bullet through both loopholes.

Intelligence Class on the Observation and Intelligence side of sniping—a big subject. I will conclude this chapter with a letter that I wrote in November, One Brigade I had for instruction, on the third day of instruction with 16 snipers shooting, got 17 hits on a model of a human head at yards in the first 21 shots.

He returned in Octoberthis time with his mother, and the cricketer Teddy Wynyard. The grass species Poa prichardii was named after Hesketh-Prichard after he brought back a specimen. Explorer, Naturalist, Cricketer, Author, Soldier.