Complete circuits for Multiplexer and De-multiplexer circuits using TTL IC and This Data Selector Multiplexer contains full on-chip decod- ing to select one-of- eight data sources as a result of a unique three-bit binary code at the Select. A typical IC is an 8-to-1 multiplexer with eight inputs and two outputs. The two outputs are active low and active high outputs. It has three.

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For a multiplexer with Equation upper N inputs, you also need Equation left ceiling log Subscript 2 Baseline left-parenthesis upper N right-parenthesis right ceiling selection lines.

A multiplexer with 2 N input lines requires N select lines.

74HC151 IC – 8 – Input Multiplexer IC (74151 IC)

Consider a register file with 32 registers where we only want to select a single register at any given time. So you will be eligible to take input tax credit. Privacy policy About WikiChip Disclaimers. A multiplexer mux or a data selector or input selector is a combinational circuit 74115 that selects one of N inputs and provides it on its output.


While smaller overall, this multiplexer is also nonrestoring. Note that the implementation below is an active-low.

MUX with an SR latch. Where Equation m Subscript k is the kth minterm of the variable. A single inverter is used to invert the selection line value to one of the gates so that only one of them e. Signals to the select lines usually come from a control unit that determines which, 741551 any, of the signals should be routed to some destination. Its selection lines is therefore made of a single bit.


Such multiplexer can be design from four 8: The enable is on pin 7.

Write a review 0 reviews. From 7415 the sum of minterms and the logic function for a 2: It’s often desirable to add an enable or strobe input EN to a multiplexer. This section is empty; you can help add the missing info by editing this icc. A high level at the strobe forces the W output high and the Y output as applicable low. This section requires expansion; you can help adding the missing info.

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IC pinout diagram – Integrated Circuits

The A have a strobe input which must be at a low logic level to enable these devices. It does mean that for multiplexers with odd number of inputs, some selection line combinations are not allowed e. For example, consider a data bus that is connected to multiple memory storage units. Multiplexers generally only come in a few common sizes.

Vcc is on pin 16 and GND is on 744151 8. This reduces the possibility of transients occurring at the output s due to changes made at the select inputs, even when the A outputs are enabled i. Delivery Normally takes 2 to 7 working i depending upon your location. The top transmission gate controls if the input from A should pass to the output while the bottom transmission gate does the same for the B input. Multiplexers are useful in any application in which data must be chosen from multiple sources to a single destination.


Those types of multiplexers can be hooked up directly to a shared bus ensuring that only one signal is being generated on the bus at any given time. A truth table is provided on the right. Have You Seen Product Page: MUXes are core components in most digital systems as i can be used to pass the correct signal based on some conditional logic.

Typically larger multiplxers over 8 or 16 inputs are built using smaller multiplxers using a multiplexer tree. The K-Map for that truth table is provided on the left.

Multiplexer (MUX) – WikiChip

Multiplexer Typical Symbol 2: Output same as input, High-Z Enable. There are many way to construct a 4: Large multiplexers can always be built from a collection of smaller ones. An enable input makes the multiplexer operate. HTML is not translated!