Trademarks: “ICC,” the International Code Council logo and “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC/ANSI Al )” are trademarks of the. This Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC Al) is a The edition of ANSI Standard A presented the first criteria for accessibil. ICC/ANSI A Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities The specifications in this standard make sites facilities buildings and elements.

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Top loading machines a1117.1-2003 have the door to the laundry compartment 36 inches mm maximum above the floor. Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored. Car and van parking spaces shall have an adjacent access aisle complying with Section The procedures of the American National Standards Institute require that action be taken periodically to reaffirm, revise, or withdraw this standard.

Where accessible parking spaces are required to be identified by signs, the signs shall include the International Symbol of Accessibility complying with Section Call buttons and keypads shall be located within one of the reach ranges specified in Sectionmeasured to the cen- terline of the highest operable part.

Visual contrast shall be either light-on-dark or dark-on-light.

Contains technical specifications for elements that are used in creating accessible functional spaces. Characters or braille shall not be located in the pictogram field. Communication Elements and Features Chapter 7. Heights shall comply with Table In Type A and S117.1-2003 B units, reach range for lavatory faucets and soap dispensers is not a117.-2003.

In existing elevators, where a new car operating panel complying with Section Between 9 inches mm and 27 inches mm above the floor, the knee clearance shall be permitted to be reduced at a rate of 1 inch 25 mm for each 6 inches mm in height.

Two horizontal grab bars shall be provided on the back wall, one x117.1-2003 with Section When in use, the touch surface of TTY keypads shall be 34 inches mm minimum above the floor. A short ramp cutting through a curb or built up to it.

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In existing elevators, buttons shall be permitted to be recessed. Please first verify your email before subscribing to alerts.

The minimum acceptable time from notification that a car is answering a call until the doors of that car start to close shall be calculated from the following equa- tion: Clear opening width of doorways with swinging doors shall be measured between the face of door and stop, with the door open 90 degrees.

Revolving doors, revolving gates, and turnstiles shall not be part of an accessible route. All or any portion of a building, structure, or area, including the site on which such building, structure, or area is located, wherein specific ser- vices are provided or activities are performed. A swing-up grab bar shall be installed with the centerline of the grab bar 15?

2003 ICC Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Characters shall contrast with their background with either light characters on a dark background, or dark characters on a light background. The telephone handset cord shall be 29 inches mm anxi in length.

Section of this standard provides criteria for Type B units. Each grab bar shall be 24 inches mm minimum in length, located 24 inches mm maximum from the head end wall and extend to 12 inches mm maximum from the control end wall. The water closet shall be located with a wall or partition to the rear and to one side. Car control buttons shall comply a1117.1-2003 Section A single wheelchair space shall idc 36 inches mm minimum in width.

For example, it specifies technical requirements for making doors, routes, seating and other elements accessible. Elevator hoistway doors shall comply with Section The clear length of the landing shall be qnsi inches mm minimum. Floor surfaces of a clear floor space shall have a slope not steeper than 1: The visible indication shall extinguish when the car arrives at the designated floor. The display screen shall be visible from a point located 40 inches mm above the center of the clear floor space in front of the machine.


In trans- fer-type and alternate roll-in-type showers, the seat shall extend along the seat wall to nasi point within 3 inches 75 mm of the compartment entry.

ICC/ANSI A – Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities

Doors and doorways that are part of an accessible route shall comply with Section Should a figure appear to illustrate criteria that differ with the text of the Standard, the criteria stated in the text govern. An architectural element composed of dis- played textual, symbolic, tactile, or pictorial informa- tion. A hand shower with a hose 59 inches mm minimum in length, that can be used both as a fixed shower head and as a hand shower, idc be provided.

Designations and indicators of car controls shall comply with Section The rear edge of an L-shaped seat shall be 27 2 inches 64 mm maxi- mum and the front edge 1 5 inches mm min- imum to 16 inches mm maximum from the seat wall. Tactile characters for elevator car controls shall not be required to comply with Section The indication of an uppercase letter or letters shall only be used before the first word of ifc, proper nouns and names, individual letters of the alphabet, ini- tials, or acronyms.

The stroke width shall be 15 percent maximum of the height of the uppercase letter “I” measured at the top sur- face of the character, and 30 percent maxi- mum of the height of the uppercase letter “I” measured at the base of the character.