Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail. So the central institution of civilization exists, and can only exist, by systematically exploiting its. Civilization, for all its wonders and advantages, is destined to collapse due to its nature, writes Ophuls in this meticulously argued treatise. The concept of the world as a narrative came back to my mind when reading “ Immoderate Greatness, Why Civilizations Fail”, a book by William.

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[PDF] Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail [Online Books]

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Virgin soil is a complex ecosystem developed over millennia that contains immoderwte myriad of chemical elements and biological beings within a very specific physical structure. In my view, our civilisation’s ‘uniqueness’ in technological progress and complexity was only allowed due to the discovery of cheap and abundant fossil fuels.

The total amount of available energy is staggering, but very little of it is available in concentrated form. This entry gdeatness posted in Collapse of Civilizations and tagged civilizationcollapse. And how will it be possible to keep adding balls and participants and not overload the system so that it begins to break down? It turned out to be free to me on Kindle Unlimited. The delusion runs deep. This single location in Queensland: Also rice flour is crumbly, so it too can never be used alone or with a nut flour.

These 2 locations in New South Wales: In conclusion, this is a valuable book with the ability of opening the eyes of everyone who reads it. They increasingly lose respect for their leaders who can’t cope with the increasing amount of problems brought by increasing complexity. It was not particularly political.


Thin soils or poor seeds will stunt crop growth even if all the other factors are present in abundance. Public Private login e. I agree with his conclusions, some of which is plain jeremiad, but I am also disappointed in his final remarks, which peter out. Greatjess different tags with a comma. Ophuls takes a multidisciplinary approach to constructing his arguments, drawing on concepts and copious sources from the sciences, political theory, historical research and literature to synthesize an argument that pleads for humanity to take a long view toward the use and preservation of resources.

By this method they not civikizations confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process immoderage many, it actually enriches some.

It could not be otherwise. Although the problems may be insoluble, something must be done, and since expediency no longer suffices, they resort to stupidity—doing what has never worked in the past, what cannot succeed in the present, and what will destroy the future both morally and practically.

IMMODERATE GREATNESS by William Ophuls | Kirkus Reviews

For if you remove one constraint, renewed growth civilizattions pushes the civilization up against the next one, and so on, until it buckles under the strain. With such a concentrated source of energy, technology can perform wonders. And while grouchy old men could point to signs of decadence in our current society and claim everything is going downhill, there is no denying the social progress that has been made. In addition, it took matter and greatnesss to build the baths in the first place and to maintain them thereafter not to mention aqueducts, roads, and other supportive infrastructure.

Dire implications follow directly from seeing civilizations as chaotic in the scientific sense. Agricultural production is the foundation of civilized life.


For example, once over exploitation causes fish stocks to decline below a critical, but unquantifiable, level they can no longer reproduce.

Hence they appear to have a natural lifespan of roughly years that human action can do little to extend. But in the process civilizatikns of the energy in the wood was wasted.

My analysis suggests that there is very little that we can do. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.


The author admits that he sees no feasible solutions because he doesn’t believe that civilisations can escape the dynamic processes that lead to its collapse. You also may like to try some of these bookshopswhich may or may not sell this item. Published North Charleston, South Carolina. Very succinct, and more convincing when talking about the environment, resources and how civilisations overuse them.

Brian Miller on Reality Prime.

Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail by William Ophuls

This has repeatedly happened over recorded history. Thus some resources are more critical for civilization than others. May 15, Bradley Jarvis rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Schumacher’s excellent little book “A Guide for the Perplexed” for a pithy explanation of how our view of reality itself is shaped by the mental maps that we’ve been given by society and mostly never bother to revise.