‘Hello Kitty’ Squishmallows for $5? A parent’s dream

Not everything about Halloween needs to be creepy, crawly, spooky and scary. In fact, some Halloween-themed things can be downright adorable — like the Squishmallows at Five Below. The store currently has a ton of them — both Halloween-themed and not. And the best part? They’re all around $5 apiece. Time to go shopping.

‘Hello Kitty’ Squishmallows at Five Below

Some of the cutest Five Below plushies on offer are the “Hello Kitty” Squishmallows, which feature Kitty and her friends in Halloween costumes. There are four to choose from, and they’re all perfectly huggable (and only $5 each, so you really can collect them all).

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Black and white Halloween Hello Kitty & Friends Plush Hello Kitty

Halloween Hello Kitty & Friends Plush 8in – Hello Kitty

Kitty is dressed up as a black cat this year — it’s very meta. Her adorable costume is a onesie with a cat face on a hood over her head, but don’t worry — she still has her iconic bow. Grab this sweet Squishmallow while you can for just $5.

Black and white with purple bow Halloween Hello Kitty & Friends Plush Kuromi

Halloween Hello Kitty & Friends Plush 8in – Kuromi

Kuromi’s devilish costume might look a little scary with its horns and tail, but this “Hello Kitty” Squishmallow is still very cuddly. Available at Five Below stores and online for just $5 while supplies last.

Black and white with pink ears Halloween Hello Kitty & Friends PlushMy Melody

Halloween Hello Kitty & Friends Plush 8in – My Melody

My Melody is still wearing her rabbit-ear hat on Halloween, but she’s pairing it with some festive clothes: a spider on her hat, a black dress with a bat on the front and black and white striped stockings. Get Melody at Five Below stores and online for $5.

Plush green frog with big eyes and red bow tie

Halloween Hello Kitty & Friends Plush 8in – Keroppi

Keroppi’s Halloween costume is very scary — he’s looking for blood in his Dracula cape! But we’re sure he’ll take a hug instead. He’s also available for $5 at Five Below while supplies last.

More adorable Halloween Squishmallows at Five Below

The “Hello Kitty” Squishmallows at Five Below are almost too cute, but they’re not the only must-haves this spooky season. The store also has tons of other Halloween plush toys, and they’re all just as huggable.

Black and white Halloween Squishmallow: Otto the Grim Reaper

Halloween Squishmallows: Otto the Grim Reaper

These mini Squishmallows can fit in the palm of your hand, but that doesn’t make them any less cute. Otto the Grim Reaper is an adorable hooded ghost with a spooky, pale face and a scepter.

Plush Calio the Black Cat inside pumpkin

Halloween Squishmallows: Calio the Black Cat

Calio the Black Cat has found herself inside of a pumpkin somehow! Maybe she’s just feeling the Halloween spirit extra hard this year.

Halloween Squishmallows: Cannon the Candy Corn

Halloween Squishmallows: Cannon the Candy Corn

Most people either love or hate candy corn, but everyone will love this candy corn Squishmallow. He’s another mini version, but that means you can take him anywhere — like trick-or-treating.

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